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How to Make a Layered Cake



Making a layered cake is
fun, but it can also be extremely frustrating. Believe me, I have had my fair
share of cracked and crumbled cake disasters. However, with lots of practice,
and helpful tips from other bakers and bloggers, I am slowly perfecting my
layer cakes. 

For my tutorial I used Sweetened with Honey’s Carrot Cake Recipe {pinned here}
and added a vanilla pudding cake filling. 

Step 1: Prepare your cake pans to make sure the cake slides out nicely
after baking by using wax paper. Using the bottom of your cake pan as a
stencil, trace and cut out wax paper to place in the bottom of your pan.
Grease the bottom of the pan, add the wax paper, then grease the entire thing. Sprinkle the pan
with four until the pan is completely covered. 

Step 2: Make the cake
and pour an equal amount of batter in each pan so that each
layer is the same height. 

Step 3: Bake your cake
with perfectly level layers!
There is no way to prevent your cake from slightly raising
in the middle, however I learned {from Annalise}
that you
can reduce the heat from 350 degrees F to 300 degrees F and increase
the baking time
for a more even
layer. The lower temperatures bake the cake slower, which prevents it
from doming. A good rule of thumb when you reduce the temperature is to bake it
for one and a half times as long as the recipe originally suggests. So if the
recipe says 60 minutes at 350 degrees, it will take approximately 90 minutes at
300 degrees. But keep an eye on it! Check it periodically after the original
suggested time to be sure you don’t over bake it.

Step 4: Let your cakes sit in
their pans for at least 10 minutes. To remove your cake, first run a knife
around the edge and turn them out onto a wire rack {wax paper side down
on the wire}. Cool on the racks completely.

Step 5: Chill the layers
in the fridge overnight
in plastic wrap if you have the time. If not, chill for at
least a few hours. 

Note: if your layers are
still uneven, you can use a cake leveler to cut the tops.

Step 6: Unwrap the layers and prepare your icing and pudding
{optional}. Your icing should be at a consistency where if you drop your
spatula straight into the bowl, it should slightly bend one direction, not
stick straight up. 

Note: you can use any
flavor pudding mix, but make sure you do not purchase the instant mix.
Make the pudding
according to the packaged directions, using only half the milk that it calls


Step 7: Place your bottom cake
layer on a cardboard round {so it is easy to transport to a cake stand later} and
pipe along the rim of the cake to
keep the pudding in place. 

Step 8: Spread on the
pudding filling.
Although icing is the most common {and easiest} filling,
pudding is a great secret for making your cake a little less sweet. 

Step 9: Add your top
or repeat steps 7-8 until for each additional layer.

Step 10: Once all of your layers
are stacked, it is time to frost the
! Your first layer should be a crumb
, a thin layer of icing that seals in any loose crumbs. Using an angled
spatula, spread the icing over the top first, then the sides. Place cake in
fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes
to harden the icing, allowing for a smoother second coat. 

Note: To keep your icing
crumb-free, always wipe crumbs off your spatula before dipping it back into the

Another Note: Using a cake turn table will make the icing process much easier! You can get a cake turn table at Walmart or Michaels for about $10 {I promise it’s worth it!}


Step 11: Spread on the second coat of icing, and move cake to plate
or stand. 

Step 12: Add the finishing touches using the back of a spoon while spinning the cake.

Step 13: Sprinkle cinnamon on top!

Enjoy your cake with family and friends!

The carrot cake I made for Easter 2012



I used a bunting printable {pinned here} as my cake topper



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Britt Nordenson

Tuesday 14th of July 2015

Congrats on four years! That’s a great accomplishment! Definitely worthy of this amazing looking brown sugar cake! Thank you!!BrittNordenson

jhon miller

Tuesday 14th of July 2015

Wow that is truly beautiful. I've never made a layer cake before so I didn't know how much work goes into it! Now i feel like I want to make one. Thank you so much for these tips.Thank you!!john miller

Selene Kendra

Monday 13th of July 2015

Like you…. I can make a cupcake in 100000000 different ways… but have just fell in love with making cakes over the last year or so. GREAT tips for these tool! I have yet to try the baking spray (they don’t sell it here in Germany at the American commissary)…. but the rest of the tools…. YES! Spot on! :) Happy Baking!selenekendra

Xiao Swarb

Saturday 7th of February 2015

These cakes are truly lovely. Some of them remind me of the beautiful English wallpaper that you see in magazines. I can only imagine how much time goes into each one! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Sunita Chaudhar

Thursday 20th of February 2014

WOW! This looks absolutely nice..Very Nice post. cake look so yummy... I use to do buy online wedding cakes as its time saving.very informative post about cakes.thanks for sharing this.