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Joy For Charlotte TODAY!

Today is Joy For Charlotte! In honor of Charlotte, and the joy that she brings to anyone she meets, please consider contributing joy through a random act of kindness for someone else on July 31. Tag @charlottesjoy and #joy4charlotte on your Instagram story or Instagram post to join the movement as a way to show our support and give April and her family a big virtual hug today!

We are spreading joy with cookies for our teachers! 

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Nancylee Leighton

Friday 2nd of August 2019

One thing in particular that my husband and I find very rewarding and love to do anonymously , is to pay for the meals of our First Responders, Police Officers , ( both local and state ) Nurses , ( if they are easily identified . Not always easy to do ! ) Teacher's , ( again , not always easy to identify or know for certain ! ) Veteran's and those that are obviously currently serving in our military . There are a few more that I have not identified here for personal reasons , but we feel that these are the unsung heroes that go unnoticed or receive little to no recognition or compensation for all that they do for our benefit and welfare . These fine people have given of themselves to keep us from harm while putting themselves in harms way on a daily basis . Some have stood in the line of fire so that we might enjoy the very freedom to walk on American soil and salute our flag proudly each and every day . Those that have given up time with their own family to tend to ours while we sit beside a loved one hovering near life or death in a hospital room and the first responder's that made the journey to that home or accident and lovingly cared enough to transport them to the medical facility all while giving the proper medical treatment necessary during that transport . The teacher's that give endless and countless hours ( a true labor of love ) for every student that enters the classroom . Teaching them everything that is required to move forward in this life , all the while nurturing with a loving heart that some of these students may never receive at home . These teachers receive so little in the way of salaries and a large portion of what they do receive they spend on their classroom supplies and " needy " students that would otherwise go without . ~ It takes so little to give back by way of paying for a meal anonymously or getting a gift card into the hands of any of these individuals . Knowing that I would be flying on July 31st. and trying to get to my elderly mother , I chose Monday July 29th. as one of my " Random Acts of Kindness " Days . I had the pleasure of paying for a meal for a local Police Officer , Vietnam Vet , First Responder , and an R.N. . Fortunatley , I was able to pull this off without any of these four being aware that I was involved in taking care of the their meal ticket . My husband and will continue to do this through the year as it brings great joy to our hearts and such a small way to personally say " Thank you for caring and the profession that you selflessly chose to care about others . God Bless each one of you ! " . ~ With humble and grateful hearts for all that God has blessed us with , we remain anonymous in the hopes that we are doing His will !