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A little peek into our life the past few weeks… 


Family Time. We have been having so much fun as a family of four. In the evenings we love to take walks around the neighborhood. I’ve found that I make my best Amazon purchases half awake around 2 am. Caroline agrees and loves her new Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon. We plan on getting lots of use out of this new wagon all summer long!

Mommy-baby play dates! Each week a group of my mommy friends get together over wine to catch up and let the babies play. It is so fun and definitely breaks up the chaotic week.

Disclaimer: don’t worry, I was standing less than 20 inches away from Thomas while he braved the edge of the couch for a photo.

Side note: How cool is this wine glass marker?!

Lunch dates with daddy. One of my favorite parts of maternity leave is meeting Matt regularly for lunch! It’s funny how our offices are about a mile apart but we rarely grab lunch sans-kids when we’re both working, but now that I’m home and have an extra baby in tow we get lunch all the time! 

Surprise daycare visits. In just a few weeks Caroline will be moving up to the toddler class and Thomas will be taking her spot in the infant class. This is so bittersweet for us as Caroline has developed a deep, deep love for her teachers. We love them like family and are so glad Thomas will get to have the same love and care that Caroline received in her first year of daycare. I’m nervous and excited to see how Caroline thrives in toddler class though.

After weeks of requests from Caroline’s teachers asking me to bring Thomas in, we finally began popping into daycare to surprise Caroline and hang out for a bit (or maybe half the day – oops). She loves it…until she catches her teachers loving on Thomas! It’s so awesome playing with Caroline in her class setting though. Watching her interact with her friends, learning her routines, favorite activities and songs, eating lunch and more makes me so happy.

Bringing her blankie to Thomas to borrow during nap time.

I promise Caroline has some girl friends too.

Dieting. It took me 6 months to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes last time and my goal is to fit into my normal business clothes before I return to work at the end of 12 weeks. To get there, Matt and I have been on a low carb, low sugar diet and it is working so far! 

Still not sleeping. You know, newborn life. Our king sized bed looks a lot like this on the weekends…

Venturing out as FOUR. Alone I am still pretty nervous about having both minis with me at once, but together Matt and I are a good team and get out a lot on the weekends. Last weekend we grabbed lunch as 4 for the first time and it was totally doable. Since Thomas took a bottle and passed out for the rest of our meal it felt like it was just the 3 of us. I foresee this getting more difficult as Thomas gets older though and remember how Caroline was at restaurants for awhile. Until then, we’ll be taking advantage of one sleepy babe!

grocery shopping
eating at our favorite restaurant
shopping at the Farmers Market

Swim Lessons. Caroline recently completed her first session of swim lessons and we’ve signed her up for the next class! Not only have swim lessons been a really good skill for her to practice, it is such a fun activity for our Saturday mornings. The first session of swim classes were all about getting acquainted to the pool. The swim teacher (and daddy) sing water songs, play with toys and floatation devices and then eventually practice hanging on to the side of the pool wall, climbing out of the pool, floating on her back, being dipped under the water and more. Caroline has so much fun at swim lessons and is guaranteed to pass out for a two hour nap afterwards.

 Toddler Fun. Lots and lots of time spent chasing and picking up after this wild and sassy toddler.



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Saturday 28th of July 2018

woah to many child i like it ♥ , i love child ♥♥

poker online


Sunday 9th of August 2015

You aaaamaze me!! I don't know how Mamas do it all! I love the idea of the wine glass marker, too! I need to get one!


Sunday 9th of August 2015

I'm tired just READING that! AWESOME job, Mama!


Sunday 9th of August 2015

Life looks good mama!! Caroline's daycare looks adorable- those little chairs around the table and the babes eating together- I die! Glad all is going well!

Sara Elizabeth

Sunday 9th of August 2015

That first picture is so precious!!!!!! I love the one of Caroline taking her blanket to Thomas too!! I'm so glad you have a great daycare for your babies - that must give you so much comfort!!