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Lindsey’s Bachelorette Bash

I am back home from throwing Lindsey’s very successful bachelorette weekend in Orlando, FL! Although I am barely alive after back-to-back bachelorette weekends, the trip was absolutely perfect! 

As promised, a recap of the festivities… 

  I flew into town on Thursday night to begin cooking and decorating…which took approximately 14 hours! The girls arrived Saturday and the festivities immediately began with Blushing Bride Martinis.

  One bowl of martini’s later, we began the lingerie shower…

 In order for Lindsey to open a gift, she had to correctly guess answers to questions I had previously asked her fiance, Ryan.

  And of course, there was a consequence if she guessed incorrectly…a Champagne Jello Shot!

 After all of the lingerie was strung along the line, Lindsey had to guess which gift came from each girl. After she guessed them all correct, we labeled each outfit with a sexy name. On the honeymoon, Ryan will select the outfits from a menu of names!

 After the lingerie shower, we munched on a few appetizers

I made Raspberry & Brie Cups, Bacon Parmesan Tassies, Zebra Pretzels, Asiago Risotto Cheese Bites, and Marinara stuffed Mozzarella Sticks

And of course…

Champagne Cupcakes!

Lindsey was convinced I paid my brother to be our DD for the night, but SURPRISE!…I booked limo transportation!

 Off we go to Universal City Walk

double-fisting in the limo

 Of course we had to take a KD picture

First stop – Margaritaville for Bama Breezes and dinner

After refusing our first 15 requests for a dirty balloon animal for Lindsey, the balloon artist settled on lips with a tongue sticking out so he wouldn’t lose his job.

Next stop – Pat O’Briens

 Out of 14 girls, not one person had a pen. So between my lipgloss, and May’s lipliner, we wrote out our request for Lindsey to dance to Like a Virgin on stage. 

When the “hottie whistle” was blown, it was time to move on to the next stop…Fat Tuesdays for a 190 Octane slushies

Last stop of the night – The Groove for some dancing!

What a fun night that ended very, very blurry.

Sunday morning we woke up and took full advantage of the “hydration station” before heading out to brunch.

SURPRISE Bridal Shower at Dexters – the perfect ending to the perfect weekend. 

Love you lil sis! Can’t wait for the big day!! xo

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Friday 23rd of March 2012

Where do you get your printables or how do you do them? LOVE them.


Wednesday 21st of March 2012

Love how everything looked! I'm about to throw my soon to be sister in law a lingere shower during her bachelorette weekend and I am trying to get some ideas..

Tuesday 20th of March 2012

wow this looks like an awesome party!


Friday 9th of March 2012

This is the most incredible bachelorette party ever! Looks so so so so awesome!!!


Thursday 8th of March 2012

I am so jealous, find me a man and I'll marry him if I can have you throw the bachelorette party! Everything was perfect, you took everything a girl ever dreams of and put it into action! Too much fun!xo