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Long Weekend Rewind | January 2017

Another three day weekend, oh my! Some highlights…

We kicked off the holiday weekend with Friday night pizza dinner because is there really any better way to kick off a weekend? Nope! On my way to daycare I grabbed our favorite pizza (the One Veggie from Pizza Peel — for the locals wondering!). We had a very long week of rough nights with Thomas being sick so the second the kiddos went down we jumped right into bed and fired up our latest binge series — The Americans.

Saturday we ran our usual errands — Target, grocery store, Trader Joes, etc. Caroline had been looking forward to our Target run all week because her teachers not so subtly told me it’s time for her to move past pull-ups. Cue the tears…and the denial. So each day at pick up Caroline reminded me that “we need to go to Target this weekend for big girl underwear, mama!” So we did. For those of you cuddling your first newborn, don’t blink. I repeat, do not blink. One minute you’re wondering if you’re burping your baby correctly and the next minute you’re picking between Little Mermaid and Doc McStuffins underwear.

 “Eat all your french fries and you can go play!” — Things I can’t believe I hear myself say. And Caroline echos.

Around lunch time we picked up Chick-fil-A and picnicked at the park near our house. We had the whole park to ourselves and Thomas showed us how much he is NOT scared of slides.

On Sunday we got up early, ate breakfast and went to church. Yep, as I mentioned in my Instagram, we ran out of excuses so we dusted off our bibles and committed to going back to church. We accidentally got there too early, but it ended up working out because we had no clue which classes Thomas and Caroline would be in now. Caroline did GREAT and proudly marched right through the doors of the twos Sunday School class and didn’t look back. Thomas…not so much…he sobbed the full hour he was there. But we are so glad we are back!

Caroline + her bestie Austin.

After church we ate some tacos and then attended a birthday party for one of Caroline’s classmates. The party was at Little Gym and since we’ve left I haven’t stopped wondering WHY we’ve ever hosted our parties in our home when this magical place exists. Both kids had the time of their lives jumping around, swinging on bars, rolling on mats, etc.

We had Monday off for MLK day so we lounged around the house, drank mimosas, played outside, baked brownies, caught up on laundry and Caroline helped prep dinner — sausage bolognese over zoodles.

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Laura Darling

Wednesday 18th of January 2017

Caroline is quite a little chef! Good luck with the potty training!

Georgia Glam

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

Thomas looks so big in the park pictures!!! Also, Dark Horse Wines, one of my new favorites! All of their white and reds are delish!


Tuesday 17th of January 2017

oh girl, the potty trained tot is a beautiful thing!! combined with the big girl bed and the send off of the pacifier, it is a little sad (kind of like how when Tell is done with bottles in a month I will simultaneously rejoice and cry) but it's a great milestone! Yay Caroline! Your pizza looks amazing, your spiralizer looks way more bad ass than my vegetti so now I have zoodle envy, and your kiddos are still so dang adorable! Love seeing pics of them!

Rachel Emily

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

What a fun weekend! That pizza is making my stomach growl at 10 AM, ha!

Emily @ Beauty Blether

Tuesday 17th of January 2017

She is too cute wanting to pick out her big girl underwear! Hope Thomas is feeling better - sorry to hear he had such a rough week, poor guy! x Embeauty blether