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Nordstrom Sale Items Worth Purchasing

I have a love/hate relationship with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. On one hand, I love to use it to re-stock my favorite items. But on the other hand, I hate that everything sells out SO fast and most items aren’t restocked before the sale opens up to the public. You may have also noticed a lot of bloggers passing on sale coverage this year — it’s because the commission is very low and these types of posts are a lot of work. So I was on the fence about whether or not to make a round-up but decided I’d share some of the items I purchased or items that are really good deals so you don’t have to sort through all the sale items! 

In my opinion the best items I like to snag on sale are the beauty products that I already love and use (Hum Hair Vitamins, Supergoop! Sunscreen, Olaplex, Revitalash), a sports bra, underwear for me, shoes (On Cloud Running Shoes), bath towels and candles (for Christmas gifts)! 

Also, I had great ambition to create a separate collage for men’s items that Matt owns and loves. I ran out of time but did include the items Matt owns or purchased this year at the bottom of the post! The best items in Matt’s opinion are On Cloud Running Shoes, anything from Tommy John (favorites include boxers, jogger pants, lounge hoodie), Cole Haan Sneakers (he has the navy pair and I just purchased the gray pair for him), Jack Black products (moisturizer, cleanser) and of course — the massage gun!

Matt’s Picks

  1. On Cloud Running Shoes: I’ve been raving about these shoes for years. They are the best athletic shoes I’ve ever owned. 
  2. Heels: I really wanted to purchase these since they are on major sale but decided I already have too many similar pairs of sandals. 
  3. Snuggle Plush Faux Fur Slipper: I am obsessed with my similar Amazon pair but these are half the price!!
  4. Quay Sunglasses: I buy almost all of my sunglasses from Nordstrom! And I only buy the ones that won’t make me cry if I lose them. 
  5. Sweatshirt Sweater: I really want this sweater but it was sold out the last time I checked. I keep waiting to see if Nordstrom will re-stock it!!
  6. Free People Sweater: I love this chunky knit mock sweater from Free People. Comes in 3 colors!
  7. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: If you don’t own a pair, now is the time to scoop these up! I live in these all winter! They are truly the best leggings and I was thrilled to see Nordstrom finally carrying them in petite sizes!
  8. Popcorn Cotton Sweater: I always have a hard time purchasing sweaters when it’s 90 degrees outside and then kick myself when fall rolls around. 
  9. High Impact Sports Bra: I just received this in the mail and cannot wait to try it out!!
  10. Hanky Panky Low Rise Thongs: The only thong underwear I wear and stock up on during the anniversary sale. 
  11. St. Tropez Self-Tan: I purchased two full size bottles at the beginning of summer and like this tanner a lot. 
  12. Magic Duo Dry Shampoo & Texturizing Spray: An item I include on every single gift guide, I have been using this spray combo for years and years. The price on the full size bottles are the lowest price I ever see them and I always wait for this sale to re-stock!
  13. Revitalash: Definitely re-stocked on this!! Such a good price! I’ve been using for years and this magical serum works!!
  14. Olaplex Hair Care Set: A crazy good deal on this hair care set. I have been using Olaplex since receiving a set at Christmas and love all their products!
  15. Supergoop! Sunscreen: A super great price on our favorite sunscreen! 
  16. Cotton Waffle Hair Wrap: An item that sold out before I could purchase! I really wanted to get one for me and one for Caroline!! If someone sees it come back into stock, please let me know!
  17. Jo Malone Travel Cologne Set: I purchased this set during the last sale and love every scent!!! 
  18. Nars Blush Set: The best color ever and the one I use the most. I recommend finding a friend to split this set with if you don’t use blush often.
  19. Hum Hair Vitamins: I’ve blogged about these a few times lately and was SO excited to see them included in the sale and immediately purchased them! The price is SO good.
  20. Votive Candle Trio: I purchased a couple sets of these last year (although I recall them being priced even lower) for Christmas gifts! I also keep a few of these on hand for random gifts throughout the year.
  21. Wood Serving Board: I didn’t find too many items in the home section but this one is super cute! It would make for a cute housewarming gift!
  22. Travel Zip Case: Perfect for traveling with jewelry!
  23. Set of 4 Monogram Coasters: I purchased these last year and LOVE them!!!! These would be a good hostess or housewarming gift!
  24. Bath Towels: The best home item included in the sale in my opinion!
  25. Theragun Massage Set: I’ve shared how obsessed Matt is with his massage gun and it really does work!! This massage set includes two massage devices and a stick of organic CBD oil that offers on-the-go pain relief and reduced stiffness. This item will 100% be included in my gift guide this Christmas so buy it now for your husband, brother, dad, or yourself!

Matt’s Picks

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Beauty Picks

Home Picks

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