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Reader Poll: Refrigerators

We’re in the market for a new refrigerator. Would love to know your thoughts on:

  1. Freezer: bottom or side by side French doors?
  2. Drink dispenser: internal or external?
  3. Ice machine: top, bottom or inside door?
  4. Other features you love (or hate) about your fridge.

Thanks friends!



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Tuesday 28th of August 2018

My vote is for french door on top/freezer on bottom. I also LOVE the ice in the freezer and not in the fridge/door and interior water dispenser. I had this at our last house but we recently moved and while we have the french top/freezer bottom, we also have the exterior dispenser with the ice in the door. I also hate that you can't dispense while anything is open and the look with the interior just looks cleaner/more simplified!


Monday 27th of August 2018

We recently got a new fridge... I don't *love* bottom drawers for organizational reasons. BUT the plus with that style is that the fridge can hold larger items like baking sheets/casserole dishes/etc. and they don't easily fit in a side-by-side, if at all.

Emily King

Monday 27th of August 2018

We have a subzero that we inherited and I wouldn't recommend it. Looks good but when it breaks it's $2k to fix it. At the beach my aunt has one that has one large door with freezer below and the fridge has an internal water dispenser only. You open the fridge door and it's right on the side so you can fill up water but you don't lose the space that the ice dispenser would take up. You have to reach down for ice but since the water coming out of the fridge is cold, you're good except in July and August. If I had a choice, I'd choose that.

Melissa Battles

Monday 27th of August 2018

I'm late to this post but we recently bought a new fridge so maybe this is helpful. We got a french door on top, freezer on bottom. I love the top section because the fridge is super roomy. However, there's not nearly enough freezer room and it's really hard to organize. It's basically a giant bin with a shallow shelf on top. I'm always digging for stuff and never have enough room. I do love that we went with the water on the inside of the fridge. I hated how the water/ice dispenser area on the outside of our last fridge always look dirty/water marked no matter how often i scrubbed - I love the clean front on our new fridge. And it keeps the kids out of the water dispenser. Most importantly though, I'd ask your repair company what brands they recommend (and repair). Ours had strong recommendations (and warnings what to steer clear from) and wont touch some brands. Their best advice was avoid anything with fancy gadgets/electronic panels on the front. They'll break long before your fridge and may or may not be able to be repaired.

Andrea Graddy

Friday 24th of August 2018

First and foremost, do you have an extra fridge/freezer in your garage or another area of your home? If you do, no need to consider extra space for beer/wine/soda or large casserole dishes, holiday parties, etc. Go with a refrigerator that can suit your everyday needs.

As a mom, I totally value the water and ice dispenser in the door, externally. Kiddos can help themselves to a drink. I love that, and it is my top reason for loving a french door style fridge!