Reader Poll: Foyer Decor

Last year I polled my lovely readers on what the heck to put in our entry way wall niche. The most popular vote was to patch it up and the second most popular vote was…

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Top 10 in 2018

Today I’m rounding up my top 10 most read posts for 2018! While reviewing my stats for the year I decided to omit the most viewed posts that were not written in 2018. If you’re…

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Reader Poll: Kitchen Renovation Survival Tips

Turning to my readers because y’all never fail me! We are excited (and a little nervous) to begin a kitchen renovation…next week. I definitely plan to share the plans and details, but in the meantime PLEASE give me…

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Poll: Morning Workouts

Dear early risers who workout, Those of you who get up early to workout, HOW do you do it? Matt and I both have gym memberships. In fact, we always have. And I think we…

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Reader Poll: Refrigerators

We’re in the market for a new refrigerator. Would love to know your thoughts on: Freezer: bottom or side by side French doors? Drink dispenser: internal or external? Ice machine: top, bottom or inside door? Other features…

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