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Snap, crackle and pop — these Valentine Rice Krispie Treats are easy, festive, and delicious! Perfect for your kids’ classmates, bus drivers, teachers, neighbors, friends, or even the school bake sale! We’ve also made these as little squares too and gifted them to neighbors and friends! Recipes You May Also Like

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After spotting {these} festive sugar-dusted brownies on Pinterest I decided to whip up a batch over the weekend for my new-mommy friend. My goodness, are these easy {and tasty}!   All you have to do is bake your brownies according to the package in a cupcake tin, cut the tops off, add a cut out heart …

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Just popping in to share my Oreo Snowman Pops from the Christmas Cookie Exchange last weekend!     Once I got tired of making snowmen, I decided to decorate the rest of the cookies with some classic red sprinkles!  

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