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Surprise Honeymoon Shower!

It was like any other Tuesday night. I met one of my best friends, Brynn, in the Starbucks parking lot at 5:45 p.m. sharp for our weekly {and much needed} 2 hour power walk. We were about 20 minutes into our walk when out of nowhere she received a text message from her roommate, Abbey, that read “Hey Brynn, all 3 of your JCrew Wedding Dresses arrived today! They are in our apartment’s mail room, and my hands were too full to grab them on my way out.” Now Brynn had told me a few days earlier {at the Pinterest Party} that she was expecting these dresses to arrive any day now, and I was exceptionally excited because I had picked one of them out! 

{Sidenote: Brynn had made a deal with JCrew that she could order several dresses, try them on in the comfort of her home, and then return the two she didn’t want.}

Back to the story. The fear of 3 JCrew packages sitting in her apartment’s mail room swept over her and sent her into a panic. She immediately begged me to hurry back to her car and we sped back to her Uptown apartment to grab the dresses! The 4 minute car ride to her apartment was the most nerve racking experience ever. Would the dresses still be there???…

We peeled into the garage {as if we were in a movie} and sprinted to the mail room. We checked EVERY box that was there. No dresses. Not one. Our hearts were racing a million miles a minute. Brynn frantically calls Abbey back to ask her when/where she had last seen the dresses, and Abbey casually mentions that she decided to make a second trip back to the apartment with Brynn’s dresses, and that they were safely hanging in her closet. WHAT A RELIEF! And little did I know that the “call to Abbey” was strategically planned to signal to all the girls hiding in her apartment that I was seconds away from entering in to my SURPRISE HONEYMOON SHOWER!!!!!!!

LOOK at THAT FACE! haha.

The party could not have been more perfect. The spread of appetizers, the homemade sangria, the decorations, the gifts and the best friends in the world to share it all with was nothing short of amazing. I was truly overwhelmed with happiness.

Here are a few of the party details:

The girls showered me with gifts I could either wear or use on my honeymoon! 

My sweet friends.

Thank you for the best surprise honeymoon shower ever!

{Note: For those of you wondering about the JCrew dresses, it was all made up. She never ordered them. HA!}

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Friday 2nd of September 2011

Aw how sweet of them! Looked very nice!

Ashley Brooke

Thursday 1st of September 2011

what a super fun idea!


Wednesday 31st of August 2011

This is too cute and you have the best of friends!!