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Thomas (2.5) & Caroline (3.5)

It’s been awhile since I updated the kids’ online baby books so today I wanted to share some fun things about Thomas at 2.5 and Caroline at 3.5 before I let this post sit in my drafts folder for another 6 months.

Caroline: These days she is so self-sufficient it actually makes me kind of sad…but it’s awesome all at the same time. In the mornings she gets up, goes potty, gets herself dressed, brushes her teeth and opens the baby gate (it was only a matter of time before she figured this out) and comes downstairs (usually too early), pushes a chair into the pantry and grabs something for breakfast, then goes back upstairs to wake up her brother and help him out of his crib. I mean WHAT IS HAPPENING?! She is also really in to helping me with everything. From cooking to cleaning to unloading the dishwasher, she wants to do it ALL. And she’s pretty good at it too. I am so obsessed with this age.

Other fun things about Caroline:

  • Loves to say the pledge of allegiance and the blessings at dinner
  • She is obsessed with caring for her baby dolls. I love listening to her read to them, rock them, feed them, sing to them, say prayers to them and then tuck them in to bed. It’s so dang adorable.
  • Really in to racing her brother. We are always one competition away from losing a lamp in the family room.
  • Always wants to have her nails painted
  • Her teachers always tell me that she is the first to volunteer to be the teacher’s helper. She loves to be the flag holder, door holder and helps her friends clean up their messes after she cleans hers. 
  • Most surprisingly food she likes is broccoli.
  • Rarely naps at home but has “quiet time” in her room where she usually just makes a huge mess.
  •  Favorite toys right now are magnatiles, puzzles and the trace & learn and random jewels (she finds these in the sandbox at school). She
    also loves to use scissors and glue.
  • Favorite books: Have You Seen My Dinosaur?, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, Pete the Cat, Duncan the Story Dragon, Secret Pizza Party and Princesses Wear Pants
  • Favorite TV shows: Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Sid the Science Kid and Team Umizoomi

Thomas: He is seriously the sweetest and strongest little man ever. He loves to give “big BIG hugs” and kisses and prefers to be held all the time. When he isn’t being held he is rambunctious and runs into walls, trips over everything and bumps his head at least 3 times a day…but rarely cries, he just gets back up and keeps going. It blows my mind how tough he is. He is also really obsessed with his daddy. And I may or may not still rock him to sleep most nights.

  • Drinks out of a big boy cup
  • LOVES music, singing, dancing and laying on his side on the floor rolling his toy cars and trucks back and forth.
  • Still the very best napper and sleeper. He loves sleep. He also loves when his sissy wakes him up in the mornings and helps him break out of his crib.
  • Potty training is going….um, well it’s not really going. We are following his teachers’ lead (like we did for Caroline) but he really just likes to unroll the toilet paper and flush the toilet after sitting there for 3 seconds. So it doesn’t look like I’m going to be canceling my subscribe & save for diapers on amazon anytime soon.
  • Leans on his sister for everything. She helps him put on and take off his shoes, jacket, etc. We are trying to intervene and push him to start doing things for himself. He does like to get his own snack and fill his cup with water from the fridge, but that’s about it. 
  • He is doing terrific with his contacts so we are pushing off the next surgery. When a contact falls out he will usually bring it to me, his teacher, etc.
  • Favorite toys: Elmo, Cars, Ride-On Firetruck, Rollercoaster, Remote control cars, Race Track
  • Favorite books: Trashy Town, The Day the Crayons Quit, Have You Seen My Dinosaur?
  • Favorite TV shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street

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Monday 29th of January 2018


Erin Ressler

Monday 29th of January 2018

I cannot believe how well T is doing with his contacts! What a huge blessing!!!


Friday 26th of January 2018

Wow they sound perfect! Their outfits are lovely as well - it makes me wish I had a daughter! Although whether she would turn out as adorable as that is another question! My son at that age once smeared the contents of his potty on the walls while stood behind curtains in the bay window - but that's boys for you. The joys of parenting! ;)

Owen Davis @ Davis Duo

Friday 26th of January 2018

Gosh y'all make some pretty babies!!! How are they already 2.5 and 3.5?!?!

Somethin' Southern

Thursday 25th of January 2018

Cuties! Crazy how fast they grow up! I feel lie Caroline was just born! haha! McKenzie //