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Thomas Dean {10 Months}

It’s been one heck of a month with our Tom Tom and we have some exciting updates.

Thomas is officially walking assisted with anything he can find that isn’t bolted to the ground. This includes pushing random furniture around the house, the high chair, boxes, walking toys and more. He hasn’t taken any steps unassisted but I think it’s only a matter of time!

We also received some news on the aphakia front. After spending 3 hours at the eye doctor last week we learned that Thomas needs a drastically different contact prescription. His current power (28) is insanely strong and although he needed that strength a few months ago to magnify objects, we are finding he can’t see things more than a few feet away. I first noticed this several weeks ago at daycare pickup. Unless Thomas hears me voice he just stares at me blankly until I get within a few feet of him on the floor. We’ve been extremely sad and concerned that maybe his vision has stopped progressing but the doctor thinks the new reduced power prescription (21 power) will significantly help out.

We also have bumped his patching time for his left eye to 4 hours a day to prepare him for his strabismus surgery. Right now he is only using his left eye but with the help of patching we are forcing him to use his bad right eye in hopes that we can get both eyes working equally before the doctor goes in to surgically tweak his eye muscles.

In other surgery news, Thomas has officially maxed out on ear infections, amoxicillin, augmenten, cefdinir and rocephin shots and we have a consultation today for tubes to help him finally feel better!

Ten Month Highlights:

  • 17.5 lbs
  • Second trip to Florida!
  • Loves clapping, wagon rides, climbing up the backdoor blinds, crawling into the dishwasher and unloading the bathroom drawers
  • Refuses to sit still for diaper changes without a distraction.
  • It’s starting to get super hard removing/inserting his contacts. He wakes up now and freaks out so it takes us about an hour to change them each time. But worth it.  
  • Front two top teeth have broken through and there are a handful of others close behind.
  • Treating fifth ear infection until our tubes surgery.
  • Size 3 diapers and 9 months clothing
  • Cutting daytime bottles (hallelujah) and phasing out purees. He prefers regular food for every meal. 
  • Obsessed with sippy cups and prefers to drink out of Caroline’s spout-less cups. Oh, and also prefers to sneak swigs of her whole milk when we aren’t paying attention. 
  • Just got over his 234545345 cold and RSV.
  • NEW CONTACTS on the way!

Ten month favorites: Wagon / Play Kitchen / Mickey Mouse Ride On Train / Bella Tunno Happy Knees / Wonder Bibs / Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cups / Hide N Squeak Eggs / SittoStand Walker / Aquaphor (for dry cheeks) / Refresh Rewetting Drops / Ear thermometer / Sippy Cup /  Mustela PhysiObebe No Rinse Cleanser / Dohm Sound MachineMAM pacifiers / Motrin / Bella Tunno Pacifier Clips / Hope Frog / Nose Frida / Boogie Mist Saline Spray

Thomas and Caroline at 10 months



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Saturday 28th of May 2016

Poor sweet! After that same situation with Conner (all those antibiotics, the rocephin shots, you name it), he got tubes about the same age as Thomas. of his tubes has already fallen out...after only about two months with them in. Sigh. And last week, he had his first ear infection in the ear in which the tube fell out. Go figure! Up until then, though - he had NO issues. So, tubes are DEFINITELY the way to go! They are going to watch Conner and see if he gets more ear infections (praying this is the one and only), and if he does, they will consider putting the tube back in.


Wednesday 18th of May 2016

I hope Thomas feels better soon! Praying for his surgery. I've been a long time reader but haven't been much of a comment maker lol. I just had a little one and your "favorites" section is such a big help!!

Jessica (The Newly)

Tuesday 17th of May 2016

Happy 10 months to yours sweet boy! So precious! Hoping the ear tubes give him (and you!) some relief, as I know those nasty ear infections can be so awful to try to handle. And will be praying that his upcoming surgery goes well and the new contacts help with his vision. He is doing great!!!:)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld

Tuesday 17th of May 2016

I hate to hear that he has had that many ear infections! You will thank yourself for doing the tubes, though. Both of our babies had tubes and they were a godsend. Seriously, after ear infections pretty much every few weeks we've gone down to zero!


Tuesday 17th of May 2016

Poor little man with those ear infections! Lawter has been home free in that department since getting her tubes at 8 months so it's great that you're getting it taken care of early! Love to hear that things are going well with his eye progress! What a happy handsome little fella!