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Thomas Dean {11 Months}

Let’s pretend we aren’t just a few weeks away from Tom Tom turning one and instead focus on another amazing and busy month with our littlest man! We added another successful surgery to Thomas’ medical resume – tubes! A few weeks ago Thomas received tubes to help prevent more ear infections and relieve painful fluid build up. He was down for about ohhhhh 3 hours after the surgery and then bounced back 120% by lunch time. I swear he is the strongest little man there ever was. 

Cataracts/Aphakia Update: In aphakia news, we decided to get a third opinion on Thomas’ eyes. We really like our current doctor but with another upcoming surgery we just want to make sure we’re doing all of our homework, preparing correctly and wanted to hear what one more doctor had to say. The doctor we met with was absolutely wonderful and we really liked him (and the entire practice). He told us that we are doing everything correctly, advised us to be more aggressive with patching (all day now) and also confirmed TDM’s contact prescription is on point. So we were relieved to hear that. It’s so hard to not constantly worry about Thomas. Matt and I constantly struggle with what else we can be doing to help him. There are days Thomas thrives and we feel so
confident in his vision future. And then there are the dark days that
Matt and I both recognize how challenging this journey is at times for us and
for Thomas.

In other doctor news, we switched both kiddos to a new pediatrician! Over the course of the last 4523415 sick visits throughout the past few months we’ve had the opportunity to meet other doctors in our current practice. Lucky for us we met our new pediatrician several times in a row and Matt and I both felt very strongly about switching to her and are super happy now. She is the one who pushed us through for tubes and treats us very seriously when we bring any concerns to her about Thomas.

 Dishwasher and Tupperware drawer obsession at an all time high…

  …for both kids.

Eating half the groceries before we even check out of the store.

The three amigos!

Proof that the terrible twos is no joke.

The cowlick patrol.

I usually refrain from bath pics but booooooooooy do I have the very best arsenal of cute baby bummy pictures to show his wife one day.

Eleven Month Highlights:

  • Waving bye bye!
  • Extremely happy 90% of the time!
  • Loves Charlie. 
  • FIVE toofers! 4 on top, one coming through on bottom.
  • New contact prescription. Lost one contact this month in the pool.
  • Throws his cup repeatedly on the ground now and says “uh-oh!”
  • Flat out refuses his bottle (except at bedtime) but will chug an entire sippy cup of organic milk (yep, cows milk at 11 months) at each meal. 
  • Size 3 diapers; 9-12 month clothing
  • Patching his left eye all day now.

Eleven month favorites: Bath Color Dropz / Bath Seat / Wagon / Play Kitchen / Mickey Mouse Ride On Train / Bella Tunno Happy Knees / Wonder Bibs / Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cups / Hide N Squeak Eggs / SittoStand Walker / Aquaphor (for dry cheeks) / Refresh Rewetting Drops / Ear thermometer / Mustela PhysiObebe No Rinse Cleanser / Dohm Sound MachineMAM pacifiers / Motrin / Bella Tunno Pacifier Clips / Hope Frog / Nose Frida / Boogie Mist Saline Spray / Eye Patches

Thomas and Caroline at 11 months.



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Jenuine Happiness

Thursday 16th of June 2016

Happy 11 months to your handsome, little man. Hard to believe he is almost one year. Man does time fly. So glad you guys are enjoying every moment though.

Liz Jo

Thursday 16th of June 2016

I feel having a good peditrician really helps in the baby rearing front. The pediatrician we have, is actually the one I had as a child, and I love her. She's so sweet and loves seeing Sophie and chats with us on our concerns, big or little and never seems to be judging if we say something like "oh yeah she's not potty trained etc."I love how Caroline is brushing Thomas' hair haha, she looks very serious about it. They are the cutest sibling pair ever :) I feel like Thomas is catching up to Caroline in the hair department though!liz @ j for joiner

The Lady Okie

Thursday 16th of June 2016

Your positivity and joy is a blessing to me :) Glad you found a new dr you love! My little girl turn 10 months last week and is on her second ear infection, so I feel you. Tubes may be in our future too.


Thursday 16th of June 2016

What a little cutie! And it's amazing the difference you can see in photos when he's patched vs. non-patched. He's working that eye so hard! Keep up the good (but I'm sure incredibly TOUGH) work you two- he'll make it through this and it'll be a distant memory some day! Can't believe Thomas is almost ONE already!!

Owen Davis @ Davis Duo

Thursday 16th of June 2016

I swear you are seriously the most genuinely positive momma. It is SO refreshing to read your blog. No matter how much you have going on you are always upbeat and positive! He is the cutest little man <3