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Thomas Dean {12 months}

Happy Birthday Thomas Dean!!!

Today he is ONE. It’s been a wild year with our littlest man and we couldn’t be more grateful for the happiness he has brought to our family. My heart has been SO full since the moment our sweet boy entered this world

My sweet, sweet Thomas Dean,

These past 12 months have been wild, challenging and even scary at times. But even more so, this past year has been the happiest time of our lives because of you. We have learned so much from you and you have changed our lives in the most unexpected ways. You have made me a stronger mama. You’ve helped me let go of things that don’t matter, slow down and hold on just a little tighter to certain moments.

As I’ve walked alongside you through this tough eyesight journey, I have been so inspired and enamored by your strength and determination. Through each surgery, recovery and daily challenges, you have overcome each trial with enormous courage and strength. You have taught me to keep my head high and a smile on my face through the lowest of lows. You make me want to be a better, stronger mama each and every day and you know I would do anything for you. 

Oh how fun it has been watching you grow. Since the day you met your sissy she has been the true light of your life. You look to her for everything – help, hugs, laughs and more. You two are so inseparable that it makes my heart explode just watching you two together. When Caroline is away you look for her and it’s obvious you are lost without her. You love her with the deepest love there is and she reciprocates that bond equally. 

Your giggle stops me in my tracks and makes me smile. When we pick you up from the floor, crib, high-chair, etc. you love to bicycle your little legs in the air so fast and it makes us laugh – every time. You absolutely love music and dance anytime you hear it. You love to dive into a sea of toys or plop yourself on top of pillows and lay there laughing. You are hilarious, little man. You are so much like your sister, yet uniquely perfect in many ways. You are our laid back baby.

Your daddy and I have never been more optimistic and positive about your future. We know without a doubt that the Lord is at work equipping you for big things ahead. Our hearts are full of hopes and dreams for you and we know you will be so successful in all of the dreams you chase. 

Thank you for being a mamas boy. You are an indescribable gift. Happy birthday, my sweetest little man.



Twelve Month Highlights:

    • Height: 28.75″, Weight: 19 lb 8 oz, HC: 45.5 cm
    • Waving bye bye backwards and saying “byyyyeee byeee!”
    • No contacts lost!
    • Still throws his cup repeatedly on the ground and says “uh-oh!”
    • Loves: being outside in the water/pool/splash pad, throwing food and sippy cups from hi-chair, milk, Charlie’s water bowl, toilet paper, smashing his face into pillows on the ground, bicycling his legs super fast when you pick him up.
    • Still not interested in walking unassisted.
    • Hates: changing his contacts, the car seat, being hungry.
    • Alternating patching between eyes as both are rotating turning in.
    • Size 3 diapers; 12 month clothing

Twelve month favorites: Bath Color Dropz / Bath Seat / Wagon / Play Kitchen / Mickey Mouse Ride On Train / Bella Tunno Happy Knees / Wonder Bibs / Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cups / Hide N Squeak Eggs / Sit-to-Stand Walker / Aquaphor (for dry cheeks) / Refresh Rewetting Drops / Ear thermometerMustela PhysiObebe No Rinse Cleanser / Dohm Sound MachineMAM pacifiers / Motrin / Bella Tunno Pacifier Clips / Hope Frog / Nose Frida / Boogie Mist Saline Spray / Eye Patches

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Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey

Sunday 17th of July 2016

Happy Birthday to Thomas! I cannot believe he is 1 already!

Jaime Varisano

Tuesday 12th of July 2016

Happy Birthday sweet Thomas! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

The Lady Okie

Tuesday 12th of July 2016

Woo for no lost contacts! Happy birthday, sweet boy. My daughter turns one next month! I'm getting emotional about it!

Rachel Emily

Tuesday 12th of July 2016

Happy Birthday precious boy!! I can't believe you are already one!!

Simply LKJ

Monday 11th of July 2016

Happy Birthday sweet Thomas! How can it be a year has gone by already. He is just precious.