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Toddler Milestones & Recent Funnies

So much has been going on in our little toddlers’ lives recently that I wanted to make sure to catalog the highlights before I forget.

Caroline transitioned to a toddler bed! I had absolutely no intention of making this move until Caroline was either climbing out of her crib regularly or she was leaving for college. Matt on the other hand has been so anxious and excited to make this move. Anyway, I finally caved to Matt’s regular requests to make the transition!

CGM at 27 months

In preparation for the first night of freedom Matt and Caroline unscrewed the front of the crib together while he explained the sticker reward system for staying in bed all night and not getting out until we come and get her. He also slipped a pool noodle under the sheet to prevent her from rolling out of bed. And added a door lock in the event she decided to roam the house at 2 am. Oh, and he secured all of her furniture to the wall.

I am shocked to report that Caroline has done pretty well with the transition and is obsessed with adding a sticker to the calendar each morning. Over the past six’ish weeks we’ve averaged one adventurous night per week that definitely does not end with a sticker. One morning we opened her door to an entire collection of Dr. Seuss books completely shredded. She even attempted to hide the scraps of evidence behind the crib. We also had to lock up all her drawers after the night she pulled our every diaper, every wipe and had a field day with the diaper cream. Oh, and she fell out of bed while sleeping once. But other than a few naughty nights here and there she has been sleeping soundly and is so proud of her bed and sticker chart!

Another huge milestone – Tom Tom is officially walking! Hallelujah! Caroline is so dang obsessed with him walking now too. She pulls him around everywhere like he is her baby doll.

TDM at 14 months

Also, can we please stop and reflect for one second that THIS is the exact age Caroline was when we brought Tom Tom home? HOLY MOLY.

Lastly, we said farewell to my beloved Snap & Go Stroller. We had been waiting to ditch Thomas’s infant car seat until he began walking to upgrade him to the next car seat. Then unexpectedly the computer system went out in my car so my stroller is stuck in my trunk and I can’t get to it. It only took me two days of trying to haul a 20+ pound baby in an infant carrier up a hill at daycare while also trying to hold on to Caroline, diapers and two backpacks before I said NOPE and rush shipped two Graco Contender 65 Car Seats to replace the infant system in both cars. Thomas loves his new seat!

And now, for some recent funnies…

After smuggling a pantiliner out of my bathroom drawer (and into the car)…

Caroline: Mommy I got a band-aid!


Why we can’t buy nice things for our home. Or eat mashed sweet potatoes anymore.

House parties.

Trash pick up mornings are always such a highlight for the kids. Last week as the garbage truck drove by Caroline exclaimed “mommy! they picking up all the poopies [diapers]!”



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Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Thursday 29th of September 2016

It is so crazy how they grow so quickly and all these milestones creep up on us!! Little EN has also just gone into bed (after climbing out her cot!) and now she is interested in the toilet so potty training starts soon... x

The Lady Okie

Tuesday 27th of September 2016

I'd love to hear more about your sticker system! Does she get a prize or something after completing a row? I cannot believe you had kids so close together. My daughter is 13 months and I just can't imagine. Crazy!

Sarah O

Thursday 22nd of September 2016

We are in the market for a convertible car seat, so this is really helpful to see which one you got. I love the price too, much better easier to swallow than the $300-$400 price tags of some.


Wednesday 21st of September 2016

my kids LOVE trash days as well! when we transitioned my toddler to a big boy bed we ended up having only a mattress on the floor! he was such a CLIMBER. he would climb up anything possible so for about 6 months he had a mattress. poor kid!

Leslie Lukens Martin

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Ahhh BIG milestones! Such and fun (and chaotic) time! We're trying to decide on a second convertible car seat for Daddy's car (I have the Chicco Nextfit in my car), so I love to see which ones other parents use and love.