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Weekend Rewind | August 2018

It was a great weekend!

Friday night we stayed in and had a low key night.

On Saturday Matt golfed while I crammed in random activities to keep the kids busy. We watched a movie, went to Panera for lunch where the kids ate zero bites of their meals and then asked for mine, picked out new toys from the toy store (I was getting desperate at this point) and wandered around the pet store to kill time before naps. I thought it would be a hilarious prank to convince Matt that we were bringing a hamster home from the pet store. I sent him texts about our new hamster, the tubes we were deciding between and the cage we picked out. Anyway, it backfired and he was actually really excited about it and was seriously disappointed when he arrived home and didn’t see a hamster. So…jokes on me…and now I’m terrified he may actually bring a hamster home in the future. And no. Just no.

After naps we went over to Sara & Wyn’s house for dinner & play date. If you follow my InstaStories you saw the amazing marinade Wyn used on the chicken (equal parts teriyaki sauce & Italian dressing) and omg…SO good…and sorry for the raw chicken photo.

On Sunday our church hosted a service at Freedom Park. We packed up a picnic lunch, loaded up the wagon, bikes, helmets and cooler for a fun morning. Well, the kids plowed through the snacks before the service even began and then fed their entire lunch to the ducks. Thomas lost his shoes and donated a graham cracker to the offering plate. But all in all, we loved it and thought it was a really fun service even though it was 3,000 degrees outside and our clothes were sticking to our bodies by the end of it. Afterwards we strapped helmets on the kids and let them ride their bikes around the park. Once we got to the furthest point away from the car they both gave up and decided they didn’t want to ride their bikes or wear their helmets anymore. So we, um, I mean Matt, carried the kids, the bikes and their helmets allllll the way back to the truck and booked it home for nap time. After naps Matt baked up some amazing ribs for dinner and we crashed into bed since we both have early early early Monday mornings for work.

Feeding the ducks with Tom’s friend, Maggie!

Not a lot of pictures, but it was a great weekend!

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Saturday 11th of August 2018

What an awesome idea to have a service in the park x


Wednesday 8th of August 2018

I love the bit about the hamster! My kids keep begging me for their own pet but I have been able to keep them satisfied by telling them they can have one when they turn 10. As of this moment, my daughter is planning on a toucan and my son is expecting a penguin. I feel like my plan backfired on me as well! There will be some broken hearts in a few years!

Laurayne Velasco

Monday 6th of August 2018

I laughed so hard at your post. Been there, done that! And after the tough emotional week with the news of Charlotte- I needed something to laugh and smile about. Thank you!?❤

Owen Davis

Monday 6th of August 2018

What a fun church service!! I’m sweating just thinking about it though ha!


Monday 6th of August 2018

That's too funny about the hamster!!

What a fun church service! Except for the part about the bikes!