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Weekend Rewind | July 2020

We had a great weekend! Let’s rewind it!


Matt and I picked up the kids early from daycare/camp. We watched Artemis Fowl for Family Movie Night (which the kids loved so much they ended up watching 3x throughout the weekend) and ordered our favorite pizza from North Italia.


Matt played in a golf tournament Saturday morning so I got the kids all excited for a fun day at the park! We packed up the bikes and helmets, a picnic lunch + lots of snacks, toys + art supplies and strapped the kids in the car…and then my car wouldn’t start!!!! BAHHHH. The kids were SO disappointed so I quickly regrouped and announced that we were going to walk to the ice cream shop! I worried the kids would complain the entire way since it was kind of a hike but the ice cream was incentivizing enough for them to keep going.

After Matt got home from the golf tournament, we jumped into his truck to drop Caroline off at her best friend Grace’s house for a sleepover!!! These sweet friends have been counting down the days to see each other face to face again! As soon as Caroline excitedly hopped out of the truck and into Grace’s house, Thomas exploded into the saddest tears of all time. So Matt and I made the night extra special with a trip to the pool for an evening swim and dinner. It was so strange yet amazing having just one kid with us…and Thomas loved all the extra attention.

Thomas has been sleeping in Caroline’s bed with her all summer long so he was devastated to sleep all by himself upstairs…until we announced that he was going to get a special bed (air mattress) in the play room so he could “sleep with Sprinkles” and watch whatever movie he wanted. Not having to negotiate a movie with his sissy perked him right up and he was elated when we agreed to finally venture into the Marvel section of Disney+ (which we’ve been avoiding since he is highly susceptible to “night dreams”). He picked Guardians of the Galaxy and I’ve never seen that little guy so glued to the TV while shoveling fists of popcorn into his mouth.


We picked Caroline up from Grace’s house and hurried home to meet the roadside assistance guy to jump my car (side note: I’m adding “jumper cables” to my Amazon cart riiiiight now) and then we hit the pool!

Sunday afternoon we caught up on chores then made our favorite Low Country Shrimp Boil for dinner.

After dinner Caroline agreed to let Matt pull her front tooth that has been taunting us all! Her two permanent teeth are already coming down behind the loose baby tooth so it was definitely, definitely time. It took quite the pep talk, but we finally got the tooth out and celebrated with ice cream!

And that’s a wrap on the weekend!

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Sunday 2nd of August 2020

What an awesome weekend - my heart melts thinking of little friends having a sleepover, we cannot wait to get to that again (post Covid!) My girls are dying to be with their little friends again! Aaaah our girls also LOVE being the "only child" when the sisters are out or away, and I love the way they milk all the fun and excitement and privileges. x


Monday 27th of July 2020

I am rapidly jotting down tips for bargaining with toddlers/children as we enter that phase of life with my daughter!! Looks like such a fun summer weekend. Definitely need to try that shrimp boil (11 weeks pregnant with #2 and just starting to feel like cooking is an option again!)


Monday 27th of July 2020

I would highly recommend a jump starter instead of jumper cables! You do have the upkeep of charging it, but it's so worth it to not have to depend on another vehicle when you need a jump!


Monday 27th of July 2020

it's funny you mentioned this...because this morning, when my car would not start AGAIN, I had to have the roadside assistance guy come back out and jump it. He also recommended the jump starter!!!