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Father’s Day Weekend Rewind 2024

Our weekends have been so full lately that it’s been hard to find time on Sundays to write a Weekend Rewind! I don’t even know if y’all still like these types of posts, but it’s been awhile and we had such a great Father’s Day weekend that I wanted to recap it — even if it’s a little late!


Friday night we were invited to a media event at Carowinds where we got to ride a bunch of rides and watch a magic show. It was so fun and Thomas got pulled up on stage to help with a trick making it extra entertaining.


Saturday was a mix of relaxing and catching up on things. The kids had friends over to swim in the pool most of the day. Matt watched the U.S. Open and cut our new grass for the first time (yes, cutting his U.S. Open grass has been something he’s really been looking forward to and he bought a motorless push lawn mower for an extra gentle cut. We’ll see how long this lasts…). And I was excited to play in the kitchen making strawberry scones and sourdough BLTs, and started working on packing the kids up for camp. Saturday evening we had our neighbors over to float in the pool, watch the U.S. Open, and we ordered pizza for dinner from The Crust (best gluten-free pizza I’ve ever had by the way).

I recently shared how much we are loving the Trader Joe’s Crunchy Chili Onion and one of my readers suggested using it on a BLT with a fried egg on fresh sourdough and OH MY GOSH…INCREDIBLE. Even if the sourdough isn’t fresh, you HAVE to try this combo.
Classic Stripe Resort Towel: Cozy Earth recently launched pool towels and they are SO luxurious, huge (40″x70″), soft, and beautiful. Available in 3 colors. Use code CE-CAROLINACHARM for 30% off AND a free pair of socks (add the socks to your cart, they will not automatically apply!).


Matt’s Father’s Day request was a Sunday Snooze Day (and peel & eat shrimp). The kids had a nice long lazy morning catching up on their TV shows and played with friends. We surprised Matt with some fun gifts and I made him fresh sourdough pancakes. Then he spent the afternoon watching the U.S. Open from a float in the pool. He was SO happy with his peel & eat shrimp (one of his favorite foods) for lunch and a low country boil for dinner! I love weekends with no plans that allow me to cook fun things I wouldn’t normally do during the week. A little later, I joined Matt in the pool to read before the kids and their friends took over.

And that was a wrap on a really great weekend!

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Toni :0)

Tuesday 18th of June 2024

Ooh I’m always a fan of Weekend Rewinds but Tuesday posting about it is absolutely fine during the summer because, well, it’s summer and you need to relax and enjoy yourself too! πŸ₯³πŸŽˆπŸ˜‰πŸ’•


Tuesday 18th of June 2024

I love weekend rewind posts, they are my favourite. Mostly because I am nosy and like to see what people get up to. Sounds like you had a fun one!