My Trader Joe’s Shopping List!

I received some questions about my recent Trader Joe’s haul on InstaStories, so I thought I would pop in with my shopping list. I know I’m missing stuff on this list (Thomas destroyed my receipt) but these are a few items I never leave the store without. Tried and true favorites…

  1. Wine (duh)!
  2. Cheese: goat cheese crumbles, feta crumbles, Manchego, boursin, Chevre with Honey
  3. Produce: tomatoes, avocados, apples, onions, spinach, arugula, broccolini, etc.
  4. Frozen: cauliflower rice, grilled cauliflower, blueberries, edamame, BBQ Chicken Teriyaki, turkey meatballs, mac & cheese
  5. Meat: sliced prosciutto, filet mignon steak
  6. Frozen Desserts: mini ice cream cones, cookie dough cheesecake bites,
  7. Flowers
  8. Salad Dressings: Champagne Pear Vinaigrette, Cilantro Salad Dressing
  9. Olive Oil Spray & Avocado Oil
  10. TJ White Cheddar Corn Puffs (pirates booty knock off — my kids favorite popcorn ever) 
  11. TJ Mini Peanut Butter Crackers
  12. Cinnamon Schoolbook cookies (favorite bribery treats)
  13. Random spices, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Peppercorn Grinders)
  14. Bonus impulse buy: Succulent garden (Seasonal — and only $8!)

Now share your favorite Trader Joe’s items!



  1. Laura Darling
    June 22, 2017 / 11:31 am

    They don't sell wine at Trader Joe's in PA (it's against the law) and I think I may need to cross state lines to pick up some of these!! 🙂

    • Andrea
      June 23, 2017 / 11:28 am

      New York either 🙁

  2. Erin Barnes
    June 22, 2017 / 11:41 am

    I love the scallops in sauce(it's in the frozen section). Great price and perfect in a pinch over veggies, orzo or quinoa

  3. Abby
    June 22, 2017 / 11:59 am

    We don't have one near me but when we head to the "big city"? I love their frozen rice packets! We also liked cookie butter and the balsamic glaze is to die for !!

  4. East Coast Chic {Natalie}
    June 22, 2017 / 12:17 pm

    I wish our Trader Joe's or any grocery store sold wine 🙁 Love this list though! I always love seeing what other people get and giving them a try.

  5. Simply LKJ
    June 22, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    Can't beat their wine prices, nor their flowers! Cheapest orchids ever!! The other thing we find that is way cheaper there are nuts.

  6. Abby Phillips
    June 22, 2017 / 12:45 pm

    I am obsessed with TJ's. A few of my favorites: canned Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), frozen Mandarin orange chicken, creamy tomato soup (we add their pesto and gnocchi sometimes for a whole meal), cheap frozen fruit, lemonade (the BEST I have found-not super sweet and very lemony), frozen potstickers (we make this recipe with them:, pizza doughs, island soyaki sauce/marinade. My favorite easy, cheap, healthy meal lately is to dump a bag of frozen cauliflower and a bag of frozen veggies with butter into a pan and add some egg, soy sauce and sesame oil for veggie fried "rice". My 1.5 year old daughter loves it! I could go on and on. LOVE TJ's!

  7. Lindsay
    June 22, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    the blueberry-acai facial scrub is AMAZING!

  8. Owen Davis @ Davis Duo
    June 22, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    Cookie butter!!! And the BEST flavored prosecco for just $6… peach flavor is my fav!

  9. Becca
    June 22, 2017 / 1:54 pm

    Their horseradish hummus is incredible!

  10. Lauren Honeycutt
    June 22, 2017 / 1:56 pm

    I reallllllly wish there was a Trader Joe's closer to me! I may have to make a special trip one of these days…

  11. Jo
    June 22, 2017 / 2:29 pm

    Cinnamon schoolbook cookies are the BEST! We call them letter cookies and all four of us devour them. haha My freezer looks like one of the frozen food aisles of TJ's- so many great finds. Mandarin orange chicken, fried rice, chicken lemongrass spring rolls, mini chicken tacos are staples for us. And killer price on that gallon organic whole milk for the kids- less than a half gallon at regular grocery!

  12. Missy
    June 22, 2017 / 2:38 pm

    I am a red drinker and the Lazy Bones Cab Franc is a must buy! I also love the garlic salt grinder. Those frozen turkey meatballs are the best! I love Trader Joe's and discover something new every time!

  13. Kelly
    June 22, 2017 / 3:03 pm

    Favorites of mine: Pink Sea Salt ($2!), coconut oil spray, coconut oil, string cheese & mango applesauce pouches are Lilly's favorites, pistachio nutmeats, pound-plus dark chocolate bars, their applewood smoked bacon, colored organic carrots, mini avocados, mixed nut butter (no peanuts!), and Secco (their $5.50 Prosecco!) — we get at least 4 bottles every time we go there!

  14. Kate at Green Fashionista
    June 22, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    I'm actually heading to TJ's on lunch since it's closer to my office than my house, and I can't wait to stock up! I always walk out of there armed with their almond sparkling wine, cookie butter, and their organic tortilla chips and salsa. Yum! <3Green Fashionista

  15. Anna Lingel
    June 22, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    I could write a book filled with my love for TJs! I always grab the pizza dough, frozen Indian food and naan bread, mushroom brie, frozen mango, chile lime seasoning, strawberry licorice, and booze! I love the bottled champagne cocktails they just started carrying! I highly recommend the bottle of bellini for just $4.99 for your next brunch!

  16. Thayers
    June 22, 2017 / 4:51 pm

    Their Almond Champagne. Best. Stuff. Ever. Also their Unexpected Cheddar is great too.

  17. Jordan - Queen of LA!
    June 22, 2017 / 5:14 pm

    At holiday time, Trader's brings back THE BEST SEASONAL ITEM OF ALL TIME – truffle salami. I once teared up in the aisle when I saw it was back. It's $5 per salami and SO WORTH IT. The truffle flavor is out of this world – I usually buy like 5 at a time and save them for as long as I can!

  18. Christine W.
    June 22, 2017 / 5:29 pm

    Sea salt and turbinado sugar chocolate covered almonds, candied walnuts for salads, sublime ice cream sandwiches.

  19. Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld
    June 22, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    We don't have one close, but every time we're in ATL we load up on wine… we love the 2 buck Chuck!! Although now it's 3 buck Chuck. Lol. We bought a whole case of the merlot and a whole case of the cab yesterday so we are set for like 6 months! haha.

  20. Sara
    June 22, 2017 / 6:29 pm

    My kids love the party size meatballs and the fruit strip snacks, gouda cheese, cauliflower rice, cashews, almonds, extra sweet strawberries (when in season), liquid Stevia (for my coffee!) and Underwood Pinot Noir can wine (love it because it makes me stop at 2 glasses. Great for weeknights 🙂 ) Haven't tried the Rose' yet, but I saw it the other day.

  21. LHWinstead
    June 22, 2017 / 6:45 pm

    I absolutely love when you share your TJ favorites 🙂 That Rose has been a regular in my cart the past few weeks!! I tried the Green Fin Red Table Wine & the Green Fin White Table wine after you share about the Red Table Wine. Highly recommend both!!

  22. KatiePerk
    June 22, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    The balsamic glaze is my fave. I also like the chile lime seasoning, and the guilt free guacamole (made with greek yogurt!)

  23. Mary Leigh
    June 22, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    This is such a great list! I don't get out to Trader Joe's often, and when I do, it's hard to decide what to get – so this is really helpful!

  24. Miss Horniacek
    June 22, 2017 / 7:15 pm

    Love the frozen mahi mahi burgers!

  25. Lizzie Simantz
    June 22, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Oooooooo adding lots of this to my staples!!

  26. rox
    June 22, 2017 / 10:45 pm

    I LOVE Nobilo. Which is better – Picton or Nobilo? I love a super grassy / herby Sauvignon Blanc – usually from Marlborough, NZ.

  27. Corie @ Life in the Mitten
    June 23, 2017 / 12:36 am

    Our pup is OBSESSED with TJ's dog treats! They're only $1.99/bag and even editable for humans (not that I would do that… the cashier told me she did though)!

  28. kevin Luther
    June 23, 2017 / 5:55 am


  29. Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason]
    June 24, 2017 / 1:52 am

    I love their flowers, Espiral rose wine, mochi ice cream, broccoli/tomato pizza, butternut squash ravioli, and balsamic glaze!

  30. Caley-Jade Rosenberg
    June 24, 2017 / 1:17 pm

    Is Trader Joes your weekly grocery shopping store? x

  31. Jessi @ Jessi's Design
    June 26, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    I'm now sulking in a corner because we don't have a TJ's …. Waaahhhh!!!

  32. Gayle Futral
    June 30, 2017 / 4:10 pm

    And every one of the progressions have made internet shopping simpler, less expensive and most vital thing now it is more

  33. June Pope
    July 5, 2017 / 2:42 am

    We love the riced cauliflower. I use it instead of potatoes and pasta. Cant believe how much flavor it has, but I cook it in a little olive oil or butter anyway. I have bought the fresh but then it just goes bad so the frozen works the best for us. 0 calories!! Yes!

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