A Spike to be Celebrated!

Hello, from the car! We are en route back to Charlotte after 5 days home in Florida!

Home was…good. And hard, per usual. Dad is doing fantastic, which you would think would be cause for celebration — and it is! He has been sleeping in his own bed next to mom instead of our living room hospital bed for weeks now. He isn’t in any pain or taking any pain medication. He’s eating really well. He is no longer hooked up to any tubes. He is standing up by himself…and even taking a few steps at a time with a walker. So while it is so wonderful to see him doing so well, it literally scares the shit out of me. You see, hospice has told us that this isn’t uncommon. Sometimes cancer patients (especially those who have been on treatment for years can have this burst of energy once the chemo leaves their system…and then they rapidly decline. So we are taking it day by day and enjoying this beautiful spike in quality of life for as long as we have it!

For the first time in months Dad was able to grill the steaks for Sandroni Steak Night (with a lot of supervision and many sitting breaks, but still!!!!). It was the best steak I’ve had in my life.

Oh! And another really cool thing! From time to time screech-owls will come and live in my parents’ backyard oasis. It truly is a tropical paradise back there so it’s no surprise that owls come and stay for a few weeks at a time. The kids got such a kick out of visiting Mr. Hootie 45345934 times a day. But seriously, how beautiful is that little guy?!  

Dad finally got an electric wheelchair from hospice and has been loving the extra freedom it gives him to move around. So we took a lot of walks and on Sunday he rolled up to church with the grandbabies taking turns riding in his lap along the way.

On our last night we celebrated mom’s belated birthday with a delicious family dinner at Bonefish.

And now we’re on the 23945098345203498223484543 mile journey back to Charlotte…




  1. Meredith
    October 3, 2017 / 1:16 pm

    Continuing to pray for your Dad and your entire family. So glad yall had a great visit.

  2. Penny Struebig
    October 3, 2017 / 1:43 pm

    So glad you got to spend some more time with your family in Florida!

  3. Lauren
    October 3, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    So glad you got to spend some good time with your family! Prayers continuing for all…

  4. LHWinstead
    October 3, 2017 / 3:03 pm

    Continuing to pray for your family!! Glad you were able to enjoy time altogether!

  5. Owen Davis @ Davis Duo
    October 3, 2017 / 3:34 pm

    An answered prayer for sure!!!! So happy and such priceless memories!

  6. Kathleen
    October 3, 2017 / 5:41 pm

    I was so happy to see your Dad standing at the grill!!!

  7. Leslie
    October 3, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    I'm glad that your dad is feeling a bit like himself again, and I'm also so thankful that you and your sweet family were able to spend time with him! Such dear moments together.

  8. Justine Ciemny
    October 3, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    I'm so happy to hear about your dad! What a beautiful thing that you were able to spend the weekend with him!! I know you all cherish it <3Justine @ Charm City Ciemny'swww.lifeasabaltimoregirl.blogspot.com

  9. Sarah Kreger
    October 4, 2017 / 12:45 pm

    So glad you had a great visit!

  10. Caley-Jade Rosenberg
    October 4, 2017 / 6:21 pm

    Sending all our love and prayers – so special that you are enjoying this time together x

  11. Jenny
    October 4, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    Glad you had a good time! Still praying for you all! Love your blog and look forward to reading updates! I would LOVE to see some tips on how you keep the kiddos entertained on long drives! They looked pretty content on your instastories, at least 😉

  12. sara [at] journey of doing
    October 7, 2017 / 3:46 pm

    So glad to hear about a nice upswing for your dad. You're constantly in my thoughts and prayers. <3

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