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Coffee Talk

If we were having coffee I’d love to chat about…

The courtesy wave. Is that not a thing anymore? Is it dying?! When someone allows you to jump in front of them on the road or cross the street as a pedestrian you should say THANK YOU! And it’s so simple — just a smile and a wave. It seriously makes me SO ragey when someone doesn’t acknowledge the kind gesture. In fact, I wait until I am fully in front of the kind car before I wave just to make sure they see me say thank you! Can we please bring the courtesy wave back!? #2017courtesywavemovement

Brain Fog. I had a conversation with one of my girlfriends last week about how mushy my brain has become. I swear I can’t remember anything. In the past week alone I’ve told Matt the same story twice in one day, I’ve left swim clothes on the counter for water play day at daycare, I’ve put a bag of chips in the refrigerator while cleaning the kitchen and the most embarrassing of all…I left my purse on the counter at Ulta over the weekend and didn’t realize it until I got home. I was trying to keep track of both kids, pick out mascara and locate my coupon on my phone and somehow forgot my purse…but managed to walk out with both kids, my wallet, my keys and my mascara. What is wrong with me? I am totally losing it. Anyway, a blogger I follow recently wrote a bunch of tips to conquer brain fog. If you’re struggling with this too, check it out.

Are you an under-buyer or an over-buyer? I am a terrible under-buyer, specifically for slow moving products like hand soap, deoderant, detergents, etc. For example, when we run out of toothpaste I normally don’t have a back-up on hand. So for a day or so I scramble and end up using nasty toddler training toothpaste until I can get to Target. And you know what I do at Target? I buy ONE tube. Why? Why don’t I just buy the 3 pack? Well, I hate storing stuff (with the exception of paper products, kid medicines, wine + food — always fully stocked on all that!) and my OCD heart really despises clutter, even if it’s all necessary. And when I do over-buy, I usually forget I have a stock. For example, I have NINE shampoos under my bathroom sink. NINE! And when I run out of shampoo I always forget about my stash and grab a new one from Target. Anyway, maybe it was the lack of storage in our old house that led me down this path, but I’m trying to get better about buying products in bulk on sale instead of making urgent Amazon Prime purchases! Maybe I’ll ask for a Costco membership for my birthday…

Now tell me what’s new with you! And would you like a bottle of shampoo?

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Sunday 30th of July 2017

OH! The courtesy wave! I am ALL about it. I wave a few times, actually - like when I'm going in front of the person, and when I finally get in front of them, I will wave to them in my rearview mirror. #southernbythegraceofgod


Sunday 30th of July 2017

I am usually an over-buyer. I'd MUCH rather have extra bags of cotton balls and tubes of toothpaste than run out and not have backup(S). We have a large walk-in closet and nice under-the-counter storage, so that's where all of it goes - out of sight, but there when we need it!!! And I am SO WITH YOU with the brain fog. I haven't worked in about 10 months, and I start back this week. EEEEEK! Gotta get my brain back to functioning properly...if it ever was... :/

sara [at] journey of doing

Sunday 30th of July 2017

I'm an under buyer. My husband is an over buyer. This makes me even more of an under buyer. This is a vicious circle. LOL I feel you on the brain fog... I wish I had a fix. I've been in one for a couple months though. And I ALWAYS courtesy wave. ;)

Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Sunday 23rd of July 2017

Firstly, I wish we were having REAL coffee together!I have somehow managed to escape the brain fog, thankfully!I am not an under-buyer or over-buyer, I am a just-right-buyer... But maybe it's down to a really good memory, I know exactly what is finishing or needs buying and I like to have one of everything stored away, in a place that I know to look... Funny story about this - once my husband went to make us tea and there was only one of his tea bags left, he went to the pantry to get more and there weren't any - he was horrified! We laughed about he "Assumed" that the tea tree grew new tea bags in the pantry because we never run out! Haha, guess who does the grocery shopping in our house?x

Laura at Fantastically Four

Sunday 23rd of July 2017

Of course, I'm completely with you on brain fog! Thanks so much for linking to me. I still do the courtesy wave! Oh, and my husband is the bulk buyer in our family. I, too, buy one toothpaste tube at a time. I guess I like as many trips to the grocery store as possible?! Yikes. :D