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Handy Homemaker Tips & Tricks V

Here are 10 more easy {and budget friendly} tips and tricks for all you homemakers out there! 

1. Take scratches out of your CDs/DVDs using a banana

Peel the banana. Rub the banana on the CD in a circular motion. Use the underside of the peel and rub the banana in deeper. Wipe away the residue with a lint-free cloth, like you’d use to clean your
car windows. Using another cloth, remove smudges with a spritz of Windex. Voila, she is like new! 

2. Store bedding in a pillow case

3. Take scratches out of furniture with a walnut

4. Magnetic strip as storage behind vanity door

5. Upside down muffin pan for cookie bowls

6. Hull strawberries using a straw

7. Use coffee filters to keep soil from falling through the hole

8. How to clean your glass cooktop {Click Here}

9. How to clean your dishwasher {Click Here}

10. Use a hot glue gun to apply a zig zag pattern on plastic hangers to prevent  wide necked shirts from falling off

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Charis Mckinney

Tuesday 12th of February 2013

The magnetic strip also works well on a filling cabinet at the office to hold paper clips, etc!

natasha {schue love}

Sunday 11th of March 2012

Loving all these tips and tricks!! The walnut one is great!


Saturday 10th of March 2012

Thanks for the wonderful tips!! Who knew you could use a banana to get the scratches out of a cd?


Friday 9th of March 2012

These are great! I've been looking for a good way to clean our stovetop :)

Meghan @ More from Meg

Thursday 8th of March 2012

Our dishwasher definitely needs a good clean - thanks so much for sharing! :)