Home Updates IV

10 months later, we’ve finally started working on our master bedroom. From the beginning this room was our lowest priority so it’s been neglected since we’ve moved in. Well, we finally took the first step earlier this month to tackle this room – we purchased a new bed!

And not just any new bed – A KING SIZE BED! Even for a family of small people, we are all so excited about this, especially Charlie. Yes, I hate that we never broke this habit but Charlie sleeps in our bed {like a person} between us, head on pillow, body under covers.  Does this really surprise you though? He has his own bedroom and 3 dog beds throughout the house, but still refuses to sleep anywhere else at night.  

Anyway, the before picture:

I hesitate to even label this next photo as an “after” picture because this is just the first baby step towards progress. The new bed…

 We fell in love with the Kincaid Pencil Post Bed awhile back, but with a $2,000+ price tag we put this purchase on major hold! A few months later I found this bed on Craigs List for $280. Yes, two hundred and eighty dollars. Brand new, in the box, never opened. The guy who sold it to us owns a furniture store in Hickory and was happy to sell it to us right out of his warehouse. Score!

The only problem with purchasing the bed in my favorite color? We forgot the walls were painted the exact same color. Oops. We’re still trying to figure out what color furniture to get to offset the overly taupeness of this room. Like I said, work in progress!

We also made some major changes to our entry way!

After we added the wainscoting, we purchased the Everett Foyer Table on sale from World Market, added some custom burlap prints from Fiber And Water, placed a tree from Home Depot in the corner and styled the table with our fall decor.

I am so happy with how it turned out!

Stay tuned for more house updates to come!



  1. Dee Stephens
    October 9, 2013 / 12:38 pm

    WOW! Talk about a CL score for sure!! I always look on there too. Nothing wrong with gently used stuff! Looks awesome and I think the wall color is fine!

  2. Madeline {Poppy Style}
    October 9, 2013 / 12:42 pm

    A king size bed is the best thing ever! Also- your entry way looks like it is from a magazine! I love it!!!

  3. Meagan
    October 9, 2013 / 12:49 pm

    Loving the entryway! Burlap prints are so perfect…I agree—looks like a magazine!

  4. Ashley W
    October 9, 2013 / 1:01 pm

    Your master bedroom is gorgeous! What a difference a new bed and area rug make! Love it!!

  5. Laurie @ The Rookie Wife
    October 9, 2013 / 1:02 pm

    YAY! I love house updates, love the entryway! I really hope to upgrade to a queen bed soon:)

  6. Lindsay @ Love In Her Eyes
    October 9, 2013 / 1:22 pm

    looks awesome! Love the burlap prints 🙂

  7. Maureen SIM
    October 9, 2013 / 1:23 pm

    I hope you sleep like a star right in the middle of your bed at least once!

  8. Pamela
    October 9, 2013 / 1:23 pm

    Love it all!!!

  9. Laura | Our Life in the Queen City
    October 9, 2013 / 1:24 pm

    oh my gosh! it's amazing how much the bed and rug lightened the room up! I love it! totally not hating all the taupe-ness. i'm the saaame way! xoxo

  10. Jeanette Foss
    October 9, 2013 / 1:27 pm

    Awesome changes:) It doesn't have to be big changes to make a room look much better.

  11. Mariel C.
    October 9, 2013 / 1:28 pm

    Looks great! What a great bedframe find. I'm eager to upgrade to a King, too!

  12. Ashley
    October 9, 2013 / 1:34 pm

    Looks awesome!! Congrats on the king bed! I'd be lost without ours, especially being pregnant now – all my pillows fit!! Love the hallway!!

  13. Caitlin
    October 9, 2013 / 1:46 pm

    Love, love, love your entry way! And, a king bed sounds like heaven!

  14. Rebecca Jo
    October 9, 2013 / 1:47 pm

    So beautiful!!!!

  15. Cherish
    October 9, 2013 / 1:56 pm

    Love your new bed! I'm all about white in our bedroom, maybe add a pop of aqua or blue with accents to bring in a little subtle color. We have that same WM table that we turned into a bar (hung wine racks on the underside where the drawers are) and love it. Love the handles you added!

  16. PSUEmily
    October 9, 2013 / 1:58 pm

    The entry way and table decor are beautiful!!

  17. Anni
    October 9, 2013 / 2:08 pm

    I'm obsessed with your entry way and I think I'm going to copy you with the exact same burlap prints. Love that bed too! Our master has been neglected and we really need to spruce it up!

  18. Shayna Yancey
    October 9, 2013 / 2:15 pm

    Everything looks great!! I just love the way you decorate!!!

  19. Ericka
    October 9, 2013 / 2:22 pm

    Love the new bed and the entry way update! Can't wait to follow along as you do more.

  20. Tess
    October 9, 2013 / 2:23 pm

    It looks fantastic! That bed is like the score of the century, and I'll be honest, I actually like the way it matches to the walls. It's very neutral but it looks chic and you can add some fun touches with accessories to add in some color.And the front entryway doesn't even need my accolades because it's clearly perfection!

  21. Bekah Walsh
    October 9, 2013 / 2:41 pm

    The bed and rug already transformed your room! And I love the burlap prints in your foyer!

  22. new found love
    October 9, 2013 / 2:48 pm

    oh sweet charlie haha jetson is only allowed to sleep in the bed with my mom when dad is out of town haha and he does the same thing head on pillow strechhhhhhheddddd all the way out haha 🙂 the house lookes great Christina, hope to see you and Matt soon… love yall

  23. Kenzie @ Life in the Sunshine
    October 9, 2013 / 2:49 pm

    I love the table, frames, and decorations.! Beautiful :)kenzie.

  24. Rachel Tripodi
    October 9, 2013 / 3:15 pm

    Your house is absolutely beauuuutfiul! That table from World Market is amazing!

  25. Sara Elizabeth
    October 9, 2013 / 3:23 pm

    I love all of it, but especially that beautiful kingsize bed! Your life will never be the same… 😉

  26. megan
    October 9, 2013 / 3:53 pm

    Looks great!! Our master bedroom is definitely the last on our list to update. How sad. haha

  27. Sarah
    October 9, 2013 / 4:09 pm

    Floyd sleeps in our bed too and I secretly love it.What a find on that bed, so pretty and the best price!! I love it!!

  28. Tara {The Silver Lining}
    October 9, 2013 / 4:11 pm

    These updates look great! Your entryway is so pretty. I purchased that table too and love it! I really wanted it to go in our entry, but the space just was a little tight so for now it's being used as a sofa table. What an awesome find with that bed!!

  29. Jacque Pinol
    October 9, 2013 / 4:31 pm

    Your home is beautiful!!!!mamaplusmini.blogspot.com

  30. Brownie's World
    October 9, 2013 / 5:12 pm

    That bed really compliments that room! Fabulous. It is bright and welcoming. Love!

  31. Jodi
    October 9, 2013 / 5:17 pm

    I love your entryway! Such cute touches of fall. You have a great eye!

  32. Laura {happily ever} Parker
    October 9, 2013 / 6:32 pm

    Ahhh your bed!! We desperately need to make the transition to a larger bed. Our 70 pound aussie/chow mix likes to jump up in the middle of the night and sleep paws up in the air all spread out. We are a bit cramped to say the least!

  33. Tammy Jo
    October 9, 2013 / 6:44 pm

    Looks suuuper good 🙂

  34. Colleen Sullivan
    October 9, 2013 / 8:25 pm

    It all looks fantastic! It's amazing how the change in your bed made a huge difference in the overall look and light of the room. The polka dot pillow you have is so pretty too! Is it from Etsy? I pinned one a little while ago just like it and now it's not available.

  35. Life with Elizabeth
    October 9, 2013 / 8:52 pm

    Everything looks fantastic! What a find on CL! I'm a little too obsessed with taupe as well but I think it makes a room look so clean and calming.

  36. Ashley
    October 9, 2013 / 9:02 pm

    Your bedroom looks AMAZING!!! We've lived in our house for 2.5 years, and I still haven't done anything with our bedroom… This gives me lots of inspiration!

  37. MarieL
    October 9, 2013 / 11:11 pm

    So funny our dog sleeps with us & also has 3 beds through out the house. The room looks great & i love the burlap art in your frames!!

  38. April of A. Liz Adventures
    October 10, 2013 / 1:19 am

    Innnnnnnsane. I want that bed, need that bed! And I like that it matches the walls. Keeps it looking serene. Great find, C!

  39. Jessi Otey
    October 10, 2013 / 2:01 pm

    I need that table!! Beautiful!!

  40. Zelle Brown
    October 10, 2013 / 6:03 pm

    Hey Christina! Loving the room makeover! And how awesome is to find exactly what you want at such an incredible price?!I just nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award — check out A Southern Style to find out more!xo, ZelleA Southern Style

  41. thestreets2
    October 10, 2013 / 9:43 pm

    Loving those burlap prints! Adorable!

  42. Emily
    October 10, 2013 / 10:11 pm

    Love your decorating style! And those burlap prints are to die for!! I have a similar one to your middle one that we received as a wedding gift and love your idea of matching other burlap prints!

  43. Chasity Munn
    October 14, 2013 / 8:15 pm

    YAY for Craigslist! We got an $800 crib for $250 brand new! I think a deep grey would look great on your walls if you get good lighting. The room is big enough to stand up to it.

  44. PostgradPrep
    October 15, 2013 / 1:03 pm

    I love the entry way especially the burlap signs!!

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