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Garage Makeover Before And After

Finally sharing our garage makeover before and after!

If you followed along during our move last year, you may remember the wild state our garage was in for awhile. This space was a holding area for all the boxes we had yet to unpack, construction materials for our renovation projects, holiday decorations, and tons of random junk. It drove us crazy.

Garage Makeover Before And After

We tackled this project in phases — the first being the junk removal which I joked was my Mother’s Day gift last year. But dang, if that wasn’t one of the best gifts!

Next, we called my friends at CW Home. They did our garage makeover in our last home and we loved it so much that we knew we wanted to use them again. And before I go any further, I want to share that this was not at all sponsored.

Caroline and Whitney came out and took measurements and sorted through ALL of our things, putting them into piles — keep, toss, donate. We didn’t even have to be home for this! They created a shared photo album so Matt and I could check it at our convenience and comment with which pile to put each item in. Then they hauled away all the additional junk we uncovered!!!

Once the inventory was complete, they shared a plan for the new space and the items they planned to use.

Next, we donated all the wood cabinets in the garage to make space for more practical storage for our things. This freed up a TON of wall space!

Once the garage was completely empty, our amazing painter gave the walls a fresh coat of bright white paint and also epoxied the floors which were cracked and in overall terrible shape. We almost skipped the floors but are SO glad we did it as this made a HUGE difference not only in the look but it’s so much easier to sweep/blow/wash our garage floors.

Now our space was ready to install all the storage shelving and put away all the things! The CW team did an amazing job utilizing every nook and cranny of the garage allowing us to optimize our storage.

We’ve come a LONG way and the process was so worth it…

Garage Makeover Before And After

Wall Storage System

We re-purchased a lot of the same products from our last garage since they worked so well, including the amazing FastTrack wall storage system, storage containers, and tool kit organization system (and more).

The Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Shelving Kit makes up the largest part of our garage storage system. It’s very customizable depending on how much space you have. We store as much as possible in latch bins to keep everything clean and organized. Latch Bins (Sizes: 15 Quart | 32 Quart | 66 Quart | 110 Quart)

Under the shelving we used the FastTrack Multi-Purpose Kit for hanging beach chairs, lawn tools, sports equipment, scooters, and more. You need the Hardware Kit as it is not included with the FastTrack rail. Once you have your rails installed, you can add any attachments you need. I recommend the Attachments Bundle, but you can also purchase each of the hooks individually.

FastTrack Storage Kit Options

FastTrack Attachments

All our lawn tools are organized on one of the smaller walls using the same wall storage system.

Work Bench Storage & Organization

Matt was really excited to finally get a work bench in the garage…although as I suspected it is typically cluttered with random boxes, toys, etc.!

For this space we installed more shelving, used Sterilite Stacker Totes in a variety of sizes for storage, and then a Pegboard Tool Kit, Peg Hook Kit and Peg Board Bins. You can also find a pegboard kit with lots of accessories included.

Oh, and I cannot forget our favorite accessory ever — the CAN CRUSHER!! We have saved so much room in our recycling bin using this wall mounted crusher.

Garage Makeover Before And After - Work Bench

Sports & Bikes Storage

We have lots of sports equipment, balls, NERF guns and more. All of these are kept in a Heavy-Duty Triple Storage Bin.

Additionally, we have a drop zone storage area with lots of Chancellor Basket for additional sports accessories, skates, shoes, cleats, and more.

All the golf things are organized in a  Heavy-Duty Golf Storage Set.

We chose not to mount the kids bikes this time since they use them daily. However, the adult bikes are hung with Wall-Mounted Bike Racks. These are AMAZING — so easy to use! You don’t have to lift the bikes, you simply balance the bike on the back tire and guide it into the rack! And these racks feature a 160-degree pivot, so when I’m trying to get to my car, I can simply push the bikes all to one side. HIGHLY recommend these racks!

Garage Makeover Before And After - Sports

Overhead Garage Storage

Lastly, since the ceilings are higher in this garage, we were also able install overhead ceiling racks which provide a TON of extra storage for all of our seasonal/holiday items.

Garage Makeover Before And After

And that’s a peek into our garage! All the sources are listed below.



CW Home (Design + Organization) / Am Painting (Painting & Floor Epoxy)

Fast Track Organization System

15 Piece Shelf Kit (8 Piece Kit) + Hardware Kit / Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Shelving KitExtension Track / Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage 6-Piece Multipurpose Storage Rail SystemAttachments Bundle / Multi-Purpose Hooks / Vertical Bike Hooks (Kids Bikes) +  / Hose Hook / Utility Hook / Ladder Hook / Power Tools Holder / Dual Handle Hook

Work Bench Organization

Pegboard Tool Kit / Peg Hook Kit

Storage Containers

Latch Bins (Sizes: 15 Quart | 32 Quart | 66 Quart | 110 Quart) / Heavy-Duty Triple Storage Bin (for all the sports balls/outdoor toys) / Chancellor Basket Grey – Drop Zone AreaStacker Totes / Storage Cubes / Label Holders + Label Inserts (Custom Made by CW Home)

Sports Storage

Bike Rack (Adult Bikes) / Heavy-Duty Golf Storage / Triple Storage Bin

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Wednesday 31st of January 2024

Love this. I so appreciate a good working garage. We moved in 2/2023. Lots of in house/outdoor renovations. But the garage and the floor we redid and are so so nice. We are in MI. and have the in-garage heater… big difference when coming-going as well wiping down dog paws , not chilly. Love your site and you have the most adorable family. Thank you for all your sharing. Take care!


Monday 22nd of January 2024

OMG! I am a sucker for anything organisation - and this is incredible!

Toni :0)

Wednesday 17th of January 2024

Love it and super jealous. Ours is a dusty hodge podge of 23 years of accumulation chaos! 🤣🤣


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

Haha. I'm always amazed at how much STUFF we accumulate so quickly in the garage!!!


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

This is an AMAZING makeover! Thank you for sharing. The sources are super-helpful.


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

Yay!! I'm glad you liked it!