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2021 Reader Survey

I published 146 posts in 2020! And since I’ve started blogging in 2011, I’ve published 1,435 posts! Isn’t that wild?! I am so grateful for all of you who read along here, share my blog with others and continue to help build this community of ours!!

I am often asked how I squeeze in blogging as a busy full time working mom. To be honest, it’s definitely gotten more challenging over the years as our lives have become busier. I usually spend around 15 hours (varies depending on the type of content I’m publishing) on my blog each week. It’s definitely not a perfect approach, but I usually blog for an hour first thing every morning. And on the weekends, Matt makes a big pancake breakfast for the kids while I spend a few hours on Saturday and Sunday morning editing photos, linking products, finishing up posts for the coming week and responding to the reader emails and Instagram messages. Instagram messages are always easier because I usually get a lot of the same question in response to a recent post. Reader emails are totally different. Since reader emails are usually deeply personal and heavy (double mastectomy, grief, unexpected medical diagnosis, etc.), I save them for the weekend or nighttime when I can carve out a few quiet hours to clear my head and focus on writing a thoughtful response. So that’s how I do it. Again, definitely not perfect but that’s a peek behind the curtain on how I really keep up with this space. Each year I say “I’m going to find a better balance this year!” and this year I really hope to…

As I continue working on my 2021 goals and plans for Carolina Charm it’s super important to me to hear from YOU! I love to start off each year with a reader poll to hear what your favorite content is. Your feedback helps me tremendously in planning my content and improving your user experience in this space!!

Feel free to answer as many of the questions below as you want in the comments!

Reader Survey

  1. What type of content do you want to see more of? (recipes, family stuff, Amazon finds, the kids, fashion, product recommendations, entertaining, etc.)
  2. How often do you visit my blog and how do you learn about new posts? (Blog subscriber, blog reader, Instagram, blog is bookmarked, etc.)
  3. What is something you have been influenced or inspired to do after reading my content?
  4. Any specific posts you want to see this year?

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Friday 15th of January 2021

I'd love an ongoing list of the books that you've recommended. I put books on my To Read list and forget where I found them. Then when I really like the book, I'd like to "trust" that person's recommendation again next time!


Wednesday 13th of January 2021

1. I love the family, decorating, and entertaining content the most! 2. I'm here a few times a week. I'm a subscriber and read asap when I get the email notification that there's a new post. 3. I live for the cocktail recommendations! I scope out all the Amazon recommendations and will occasionally but a suggested item. And refer to holiday gift guides throughout the year for birthdays, special occasions, etc. 4. I like it all!


Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Your blog is my absolute favorite! You are so genuine, honest, creative and talented. I love everything you post- your recipes, decorating ideas, Amazon favorites, family updates, day in the life, entertaining/party planning, gift guides, weekend recaps, Five on Friday... I check your blog daily. I love to find a new post and I also love to go back and reread previous ones! I love how you inspire me to see the silver lining when things get tough. Thank you for the countless hours you spend sharing with your many followers.I don't know how you do all that you do, but I am thankful for you! I would love to see more of the same kinds of posts!


Wednesday 13th of January 2021

I love reading all your current content - being in South Africa, I can't always relate to the outfits because I can't shop them from here but I love your style and seeing it too.

I read your blog every time I log into Bloglovin or see your new post on Instagram - one of my faves :)

Always influenced and inspired by your family traditions and recipes.

Love your content so any more of the same x


Wednesday 13th of January 2021

Love it all keep it going like it is recipes etc all help sprinkles too.