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Top 20 Blog Posts & Reader Survey

I published 208 posts in 2022 (49 posts more than 2021)!

And since I’ve started blogging in 2011, I’ve published 1,793 posts!

Isn’t that wild?! I am so grateful for all of you who read along here, share my blog with others, and continue to help build this community of ours!!

As I continue working on my 2023 plans for Carolina Charm it’s super important to me to hear from YOU! I love to start off each year with a reader poll to hear what your favorite content is. Your feedback helps me tremendously in planning my content. In fact, I revisit this post a LOT throughout the year when I’m looking for new content ideas.

So tell me in the comments…

  1. What type of content do you want to see more of? (recipes, family stuff, Amazon finds, the kids, fashion, product recommendations, entertaining, etc.)
  2. Any specific posts you want to see this year?

2022 Reader Favorite Blog Posts

Here were your top 20 favorite blog posts I wrote in 2022 (excluding Five on Fridays and Weekend Rewinds)! If you’re new here, I recommend checking out some of these posts. And if you’ve been reading along forever, you may still enjoy revisiting some of these!

1. The Jennifer Aniston Friends Salad

2. How To Deep Clean Towels (Easy Laundry Stripping Recipe)

How To Deep Clean Towels

3. Life Update

4. The Jennifer Aniston Cobb Salad

5. 21 Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Breakfast Ideas for Kids -- Strawberry Banana Smoothie

6. Meal Train Ideas (25 Drop-Off Meals To Bring Someone in Need)

Meal Train Ideas

7. Girlfriends Gift Exchange Ideas

Girlfriends Gift Exchange

8. 7 Easy Weeknight Crockpot Meals

9. Disney Wish Cruise Ship Vacation & Tips

10. Recent Amazon Favorites

11. All Things Back-To-School!

12. Hilton Head Island Family Beach Trip

13. Day In The Life

14. 22 Best Date Night Restaurants in Charlotte, NC

15. Top 21 Purchases of ’21

16. Charleston Community Group Retreat

17. Q&A: Corporate World Exit (Decision & Transition)

18. Gift Ideas for Men

19. Hot Springs Camping Trip

20. Reader FAQ

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Friday 13th of January 2023

My favorite posts are day in the life and least favorite are shopping posts with tons of links. Trying to live more and buy less, especially new purchases...but good ideas of spending time well are the best.


Thursday 12th of January 2023

I've been reading your blog since you were planning your wedding. My favorite type of content is day in the life, five on Friday, weekend recaps, etc. Also anything to do with traveling, marriage, family, an update on being home full time now and all things entertaining. Excited for the new house and seeing before and afters and hearing more about the story behind the move. That being said and I know this one is REALLY tricky, but more details on planning and budgeting for trips and renovations. I realize you don't want to spill the beans to the entire internet on your finances, and in some ways it's none of my business, but I'm just always curious about things like how long did you plan/save, do you ever have a tight month and if so what do you cut/change, how do you and Matt prioritize finances/planning for big things like a renovation/big trip, how do you feel about debt, etc. I love that you still blog and are so real and genuine even when everything is not rainbows and butterflies. I have 2 kids (2 and 3) and and my 3rd is due in June (yes, we've lost our minds haha) kid content even though I won't be where you are for a few more years and marriage...keeping the spark alive when you're in the thick of it. Thank you for opening your home and life to us...looking forward to see what this year holds for Carolina Charm!


Thursday 12th of January 2023

Here for the delicious salad recipes and the hosting/entertaining ideas! Love all the practical, real-life posts too (goals setting, Five on Fridays, and updates) - thanks for including us in your life!


Wednesday 11th of January 2023

I love reading your blog. I like that you keep it real. The good, the bad and the ugly. The honesty you bring to life, parenthood, and balancing family life is truly refreshing. I like all the posts, but most especially enjoy, the life updates, and kid posts. This year I am also looking forward to new house updates and following you along on that adventure.


Wednesday 11th of January 2023

All of your posts are great! It brings me such joy to read them each day. If I had to pick, some of my favorites are "Day in the Life", "Five on Fridays", "Supper Club", "Home Projects", "Kid/Family Updates", "Vacation Recaps." You do a great job highlighting the highs & also not completely glossing over the "lows." I know it sounds silly but one of the things that makes your blog stand out is when you recap a weekend or a day or anything along those lines & acknowledge if you & Matt got into a small argument/if Caroline/Thomas were struggling with something. I know it is a lot to put your life online & opens you up to a lot of critics/comments that are likely unwelcome but you sharing things like that helps (at least me) feel invested in this space because what you share is authentic & genuine (since we all get into arguments with our spouses, struggle with our kiddos, etc.) So thank you for it all! Can't wait to see what 2023 posts will hold!