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A Day In the Working Mama Life: Travel Edition

One of the most popular topic requests I regularly receive is “A Day In the Working Mama Life” post! I am always so curious to know what a day inside the life of other working mamas looks like — especially ones that travel. How do they prepare to go out of town? How do they plan out their travel schedule? What do they actually do between the hours of 9-5? So today I’m sharing a day in my life — travel edition, which I absolutely could not do without my rockstar husband. I’ll do another post on a regular day soon too.

This week I spent a few days in our Raleigh office. This is what it looked like:

Tuesday, May 8

6:05: Alarm goes off, I check my emails & turn on my OOO reply, grab a cup of coffee and hurry to get ready. No matter how early I get up on travel days, I feel rushed to get out the door and on the road. The night before I’ve laid out my clothes for the next day and packed most of my suitcase up. I’m on day 3 since I washed and blow dried my hair but squeeze one more day out with dry shampoo and texturizing spray. I apply my makeup, get dressed, throw a few last things in my suitcase and pack my car up.

6:40 am: Caroline and Thomas are up early. Caroline is pretty self sufficient these days and gets herself dressed, brushes her teeth and comes downstairs to watch an episode of Paw Patrol. I tackle getting Thomas dressed and teeth brushed while Matt finishes getting ready.

7:00 am: Give lots of hugs and kisses and hit the road. Matt always takes the kids to school on days I travel so I can get on the road earlier and because he’s awesome. I stop and grab coffee and a breakfast sandwich, drop off a bottle of wine on my friend’s doorstep and hit PLAY on my podcast line up for the next 3 hours. Today I’m listening to The Life Coach School, Passion City Church and Sword & Scale (interesting mix, I know). I also call my parents and my sister.

10 am: Arrive at my office in Raleigh, catch up with the receptionist and snag an office to respond to a few emails before anyone knows I’m there.

10:30 am: My Infrastructure & Development Practice Area Leader swings by and we download on ongoing initiatives, action items and more.

12 pm: Grab a salad across the street to quickly eat at my desk before squeezing in a few attorney meetings and catch up with one of my team members down the hall.

2 pm: Meet with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce to discuss ways we can partner together in 2019.

3 pm: Meet with the COO.

4 pm: Back at my desk to respond to a few emails, finalize and send out 2 reports for my healthcare meeting the next day and make a few phone calls.

5:30 pm: Head across the street with a few of my attorneys for a happy hour with a referral source who recently sent us a large solar project. Meanwhile, back at home Matt is picking up the kiddos and taking them out for dinner. They have a blast and the kids always look forward to eating or wither daddy on nights I’m gone.

7 pm: Head to my hotel, grabbing a salad and french fries on the way.

7:15 pm: Check in to my hotel (upgraded to Club level — yay!) and scarf down my dinner as soon as I arrive to my room. Shower. Check emails, catch up on social media, catch up on blogs. FaceTime with Matt.

9 pm: Take a melatonin to hopefully sleep through the night (I never sleep well away from Matt).

10 pm: Lights out.

Wednesday, May 9

7 am: Alarm goes off. I don’t have to get kids ready so I am able to sleep in later than usual and take my time getting out of bed. Turn on a podcast and start my hair and makeup. It’s a stretch, but I squeeze one last day out of my hair with way too much dry shampoo and hope no one notices how dirty my hair is.

7:30 am: Grab Starbucks at the Club Lounge before heading to breakfast down in the hotel restaurant. Check emails and blogs over breakfast. Then head to the office.

8 am: Arrive to office and do a quick research project for an attorney in another office.

8:30 am: Healthcare team meeting. The meeting is productive but I’m feeling guilty for missing muffins with mommy back at daycare where Matt fills in for me and eats my muffins.

9:30 am: Download with my healthcare practice leader on action items and follow-up assignments.

10:00 am: Run downstairs to grab Starbucks. Catch up with my team members who sit in Raleigh and check in with a few of my attorneys.

11:30 am: Make a few calls back in my office. Send out action items from Healthcare meeting.

12:30 pm: Start my rounds to say goodbye to my attorneys.

1 pm: Grab a sandwich for the road and head out earlier than usual so I can surprise the kids by scooping them up early and taking them out for ice cream to make up for missing muffins.

4 pm: Arrive at daycare! The kids are ELATED to see me and sprint across the playground screaming my name and jump into my arms. I almost cry I’m so happy to hug them.

4:30 pm: Ice cream date!

5 pm: Arrive home, pour wine and start dinner for the kids while they run around all hopped up on ice cream. For dinner I scrape together some leftover chicken, make quesadillas and cut up some pineapple. The kids eat none of it. Tonight happens to be Matt’s hall pass night so he took his office out for happy hour before heading to dinner and trivia with the guys.

6 pm: Start baths.

6:30 pm: Jammies, read 3 books, sing 2 songs, say 4 prayers and tuck each kiddo in.

7 pm: Finish my wine on the back deck and eat the cold leftover dinner that the kids didn’t eat. Wrap teacher gifts up for Teacher Appreciation the next day. Start writing this post.

8 pm: Unpack, clean the kitchen, straighten up the house and get things ready for the next day (coffee, lunches, etc.), lather a face mask on and soak in the bath tub.

9 pm: Catch up on my DVR while writing this post.

11 pm: Matt arrives home, we catch up on our highlights from the day and he jumps in bed. Lights out.

And that’s a wrap!

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Wednesday 5th of December 2018

Sword and scale is really good! I love it. If you like true crime I definitely recommend True Crime Garage, Thinking Sideways, Generation Why, Casefile and The Vanished. xx


Saturday 28th of July 2018

haha im so interested about this article this good its funny ^^

poker online

Erin Ressler

Monday 21st of May 2018

I need to hear more about this "hall pass". Do you each get so many per month? Do you have to use one on supper club or is that a calendar event so it doesn't count? :) Curious on the details. ha.

avano noithat

Monday 21st of May 2018

Hahahaha I always wonder if people can tell that I have only “washed” my hair using dry shampoo for the past 4 days.


Sunday 13th of May 2018

Being a working mommy is just no joke and with one I feel so bad bringing work home or staying at work even a few minutes later than normal ! You and Matt have it all worked out!!!!! You’ll get the muffins next year I’m sure !