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Amazon Prime Day


This is truly my favorite sale of the year to cover (and shop)! I absolutely love searching for the best deals on items I know you’ll love or that you’ve asked for, and will be up early in the morning until late each night posting hundreds of stories!

This sale can definitely be overwhelming with tens of thousands of deals going live throughout the day, so I’m hoping that I can help weed through them and make your Prime Day shopping so much easier. Over the next 48 hours, I will be rapid-fire posting over on Instagram, sharing as many deals as I possibly can until my fingers go numb! If you’re not shopping the sale, I promise to return to business as usual in stories come Thursday! If you’re not on Instagram, I will also be saving all my shared deals HERE!

Additionally, I will be giving away TWO $500 Amazon gift cards. To enter the giveaway, head to my Instagram feed and follow the instructions in my post! (PSST — Newsletter subscribers, you know what to do!) The giveaway closes at 3 pm ET on July 12 and the winners will be announced at the top of the giveaway post.

Alright, before you head over to IG, I wanted to share a few reminders and tips.

Amazon Prime Day Reminders & Sale Tips

  • Make A Shopping List: I want to remind you that just because something is on sale, does not mean you need it! I hope that you will use this sale to shop for the things you truly need or want. For me personally, I love to make a list and then use this event to stock up on household essentials, grab a few school supplies, get a head start on Christmas shopping, and finally grab things that I’ve had on my wish list for a long time but was waiting for the sale to purchase.
  • Checking Out: Make sure you check out as soon as you load the item into your cart. Many of these deals expire after a certain amount of time or sales so if there’s something you really want, grab it right away.
  • Delayed Shipping Incentives: As a reminder, you can always DELAY shipping (which often gives you a digital credit towards renting movies on Prime Video, etc.). This also helps minimize the number of deliveries throughout the next few days on the items you don’t need right away.
  • Membership Deals: Don’t forget about membership deals! Prime Day is a great time to grab an Audible, Prime Video, or Amazon Music membership if that’s something you’ve been wanting!
  • Teacher Wish Lists: If you’re looking to give back during Prime Day, please consider grabbing an item or two from a Teacher Wish List!

And lastly, I really, really, really appreciate you shopping through my links. Your support means the world to me and I am so grateful for you!

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