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Back-to-School Teacher Wish List

Summer is flying by and I know teacher wish list making is in full force!

With Amazon Prime Day right around the corner (next week!), I thought it would be perfect timing to collect and share Amazon wish lists from my Title 1 or first-year teacher readers who could use some help getting their classrooms ready.

I would love to focus specifically on the classroom wish list for teachers who don’t receive enough assistance from their district or PTA throughout the year. I know the needs these teachers are facing can be overwhelming and heartbreaking with items ranging from basic needs like underwear and laundry detergent to snacks, school supplies, holiday party items and so much more.

I am so proud and appreciative of this incredibly generous community and I know that together we can help make a huge impact this year for our teachers (students and parents)!

Now let’s help clear these wish list items for these incredible educators!

Teacher Wish List

Teacher Wish List Instructions

If you are a teacher working with underserved students this year, please create and share your wish list in the comments section. Make sure to follow the instructions closely and include the below information in your post to make it easy for readers to donate.

  • Teacher Name, Grade & Year Teaching
  • Relevant School Information (Location, Title 1, etc.)
  • Amazon Wish List URL
    • **Please double-check your mailing address information is set up and correct.
  • Optional: Share 1-2 sentences about your year ahead or other relevant information you’d like our Community to know!
Helpful Information
How do I create an Amazon teacher wish list?

If you need help creating your wish list in Amazon, here is a website with instructions for How to Set Up and Share an Amazon Classroom Wish List.

Do I have to include a mailing address in my Amazon teacher wish list?

Yes! Amazon will keep your address hidden for privacy, but it is required for us to get your items to you!

My teacher wish list isn’t ready yet. Can I still participate?

Please don’t leave a comment until your wish list is already created so it makes it easier for readers to donate. However, I will be sharing this post throughout the rest of summer to help teachers clear their list! So if your list isn’t ready yet, just post it back here when it is!

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Eric Hartsell

Wednesday 29th of May 2024

Hello My name is Mr. Hartsell. I teach Lifetime Fitness, P.E, Health, Sports Study, and Strength & Conditioning in Marlette, Michigan. I also coach Football and Track. My goal is to show our youth that health and fitness can be carried on throughout life and doesn't need to stop in the class room.

Thank you in advance for any contributions you’re able to make!


Tuesday 28th of May 2024

Hello everyone! 7th Grade English teacher at a title 1 school district in the lower south Texas region! Any little thing helps make a comfortable, easy accessible, happy classroom. 9th year teaching.. thank you!

Megan Karasek

Thursday 23rd of May 2024

Hello! I am Megan Karasek and I’m in my eighth year of teaching. I am moving schools this year to Beaches Chapel and teaching third grade. I am so excited for this new opportunity but boy do I need things!! My new room has 23 desks and a kidney bean table and THAT IS IT! I am ready to stock my room and meet my kiddos come fall.

Mariya Karimi

Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

Hi! This is Mariya Karimi (Ms. Karimi) and I’ll be a first year kindergarten teacher at Welch Elementary in Naperville IL this fall! My Amazon wish list url:

I am so excited to create a welcoming space where each student feels safe, valued, and loved. Every item on this list will help me accomplish my dream of creating the best learning space for my students! Any contribution means so much to me and my kiddos. Thank you for contributing to our classroom community ◡̈

Araceli Rivera

Tuesday 21st of May 2024

Hello, I am Mrs. Rivera and I will officially begin working at the jr high level ;7th & 8th grade. I just graduated May 2024 and I will b a 1st year school counselor. I have been offered a position at the district I once attended as a child, Santa Maria Bonita School District, Title 1 school in Santa Maria, CA. Our school does not have the funds to help buy needed and helpful materials for our school counseling program. This will be the first year in about 3 years where our Jr high will finally will have a complete school counseling staff team and we are so excited to be able to start with our students. We want to be able to have as much as we can for our student to be able to support them in any possible way! We would love to be able to create a welcoming and calming environment for all. Amazon wishlist: (even a few small things would be highly appreciated)