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If we were having coffee together…

I’d ask you how you moderate your social media scrolling time. Once collapsing into bed for the night I usually decompress by catching up on Instagram, Snapchat, blogs, etc. And despite being exhausted and desperate for a good nights sleep I often stay up way past my bedtime scrolling past people I don’t know, outfits I can’t afford, recipes I’ll never make, homes that make me envious, and more! I don’t know how this even happened (cough, Nordstrom loop giveaways, cough), but somehow I found myself trying to keep up with hundreds and hundreds of accounts — many of which I didn’t really even care about. So I recently did a little spring cleaning as a baby step towards hopefully spending less time on social media. Because if there’s less content available then maybe I’ll spend less time on my phone, sleep more or maybe even just spend more screen-free time with my husband — because he’s pretty freaking spectacular. The second step was setting a 30 minute scroll limit once I dive into bed. One of my besties is doing this with me too which is nice for accountability!

Anyway, I am happy to report that I am loving my less busy social media feeds. Instead of seeing the same dress over and over I see more moments of my friends’ kids being adorable and (for the most part) am following people who I would absolutely be excited to see in the same aisle as me in Target. I still have a good variety of content to scroll though but it’s just scaled back tremendously to people, stores, bloggers, etc. who I love and never want to miss a post — and I’ve found I can do it in 30 minutes!

Now tell me how you manage your scrolling time. Do you check your social media feeds throughout the day? Or do you limit it to certain times? Or certain amounts of time? Tell me. Tell me! (Judgment-free zone here, I promise)!

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Amanda Lee

Thursday 18th of May 2017

I use an app called Moment which logs how much time you spend on your phone--it's pretty eye opening!


Thursday 18th of May 2017

I was so bad that I was checking facebook at redlights. Nothing has happened to keep me that busy on facebook! I started listening to podcasts so when I have down time, I throw my earphones in and listen to those. I just try to stay busy doing more productive stuff.

sara [at] journey of doing

Thursday 18th of May 2017

I'm so bad at doing this first thing in the morning. Time really gets away from me when I do that, too!! I've been trying to clean out my social media feed, too.


Wednesday 17th of May 2017

This post inspired me - I spent my bus ride to work this morning cutting down the number of accounts I follow on Instagram. It's been a long time coming - my fiance occasionally asks "who is that?" out of curiosity as I'm scrolling and almost every time I say "A blogger/former blogger/celebrity/etc" and it always confused him why I followed so many people I don't actually know. Now the list is shorter and easier to manage so hopefully I can keep up with my friends/favorite blogs. We've both been trying to be better about limiting screen time when we're home on work nights - watching a show together without also being on our phones, leaving our phones in another room, etc. It's amazing how easy it is to fall into the habit of being glued to your phone all the time. What a world we live in haha!

Owen Davis @ Davis Duo

Wednesday 17th of May 2017

Such a good idea to limit to 30 minutes. I'm SO bad about being on my phone around my husband. Sometimes I am laying in bed and realize we have both been lying there for an hour scrolling through our phones and haven't said a word to each other. So bad! I don't want my daughter to remember me constantly looking at my phone