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Five on Friday

Before we dive into today’s 5, I wanted to share a few things I’m loving this week:

  • Watching: I’ve been watching a ton of videos this week and wanted to highlight a video on Systemic Racism Explained and the Sesame Street Racism Town Hall for watching with your kids.
  • Listening: Lots of podcasts this past week but two I wanted to highlight are Higher Learning’s episode on The Importance of the Nationwide Protests Over George Floyd’s Death and re-listened to If I’m Being Honest’s episode on I’m Not Your Token Black Girl.
  • Eating: Uncrustable sandwiches! I haven’t given this cut & seal sandwich maker enough credit throughout quarantine. Prior to purchasing this gadget, I was spending a crazy amount of money on uncrustables each week. I was skeptical if this cut & seal sandwich maker would actually work. And let me just tell you…it works — perfectly. It’s easy enough to use that even the kids can make their own uncrustables with it. If you’ve got your kids at home with you all summer, I highly recommend purchasing one NOW and making a bunch to freeze for many lunches ahead!
  • Reading: Matt’s business partner’s daughter, Alice, is a Girl Scout Cadette. For her Silver Award project, she created a short, bilingual comic book to help kids deal with the huge amounts of unstructured time they now have during the pandemic. The comic book is amazing and I wanted to share it (with Alice’s permission) HERE!
  • Shopping: Favorite online purchases this week were cute and inexpensive towels for the pool and these Floafers for Matt!

1. Family Bike Trail

Last weekend we explored a new bike trail — Little Sugar Creek Greenway. It was the perfect, short trail for the kids. And it was mostly shaded, paved and lots of long straight stretches. Highly recommend for my local friends. We parked at the Mint Museum on Randolph and entered the trail from the parking lot.

2. Shower Eucalyptus

I saw the idea to hang fresh eucalyptus in the shower recently and thought it was brilliant. The kids think it’s super weird but it really does smell SO good.

3. Date Night

We had our first date night last week since quarantine! We went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Crunkleton. I will say, dining out in Charlotte is really interesting right now. Menus are accessed online, temperature checks are administered at the door and the servers wear masks. But it was seriously so nice to break away for dinner (and I think the kids were happy to get rid of us for a bit too).

Dress & Heels 

4. Tooth Fairy Pillow

Caroline has lost several teeth recently and has a stubborn but wiggly top front tooth that we are all anxiously awaiting to come out! Anyway, a lot of you recommended getting a tooth fairy pillow and I wanted to share this adorable personalized pillow I found on Etsy! This is going to make things SO much easier on the Tooth Fairy!

5. Pool Bag Essentials

Pools began reopening last weekend as part of Charlotte’s gradual re-opening plans! There’s a max capacity limit to maintain social distancing so we are required to make a reservation for a 2 hour pool block, and let me just say — it’s competitive and very hard to secure if you aren’t among the first few people to snag a block. Anyway, here’s what we’ve got packed in our pool bag!

Here’s what’s in my pool & beach bags.

Pool Bag


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Sunday 14th of June 2020

We have the SAME tooth fairy pillow from the same shop!! So cute. Glad you got out for a date night -- how fun!


Friday 12th of June 2020

Next on your home improvement list—inground pool💦! We had ours built in 1996 and enjoy every minute of it and now have 5 grandkids that love it too! Hugs from Waco!


Friday 12th of June 2020

Will you tell Matt that for me? Haha. I've been begging for a pool for a loooooooong time!! The Florida girl in me wants a pool in our backyard SO SO bad!!! :)

Kaye Dobbs

Friday 12th of June 2020

I thought your sandwich crust cutter was so funny! I still have mine, which is identical to yours from my kids childhood... they are YOUR AGE now🙀😂❣️ Also, thank you for speaking out against racism.... it’s so important for us to boldly join our black sisters & brothers in this fight! I am reading a excellent book called I’m Still Here by Austin Channing... I think since you both work in the legal/law field it would be a tremendous insightful book for you! Blessings Kaye #blacklivesmatter


Friday 12th of June 2020

Thank you SO much for the book recommendation, Kaye!! Definitely looking it up! Also, I am laughing about your sandwich maker!!! I am always the last one to the party!


Friday 12th of June 2020

You got the pillow for the tooth fairy!! Way to go!!


Friday 12th of June 2020

YES!!!! I am so excited for it to arrive and hope it gets here before her next tooth falls out!!