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New Year’s Resolutions…5 months later…

I have never been big on New Year’s resolutions.  Honestly, I just try to live everyday postive, all year long. However, this year I decided to try and implement a few resolutions that will help me become a better version of myself. So, it is time to exercise goal # 5…write more. Now, I actually tried to keep a written journal for quite some time before realizing that my hands are no longer capable of writing for more than 20 minutes since 8th grade. So here we are…Carolina Charm.

SO… a little bit of information on the 4’11” redhead, blogging under “Carolina Charm”: First and foremost, I’m a God-fearing woman.  I’m also a sister, a soon-to-be-wife, and I am a full time Marketing & Public Relations Specialist. I was born and raised in Florida, but absolutely adore my new home in Charlotte, North Carolina and will never, ever leave. I love the color pink, I am a red wine girl, my fingernails are always painted, I drink waaay too much coffee, I treasure my true friendships, I am blessed, and obviously I am a wanna-be Southern Belle!

But back to my New Year’s resolutions. In case you were wondering, here are the rest:

1.      Plan my wedding (almost done)

2.      Lose 10 lbs before my wedding (workin on this one…joined Weight Watchers this week!)

3.      Get involved in our Church  (Matt and I just became Youth Group Leaders at New Charlotte Church!!)

4.      Re-read Redeeming Love (favorite book of all time)

5.      Write More (HELLO CAROLINA CHARM!)

6.      Preserve my youth…starting with skin care!

7.      Be a less aggressive driver (and hopefully save on gas)

8.      Get a new job  CHECK! Marketing & Public Relations Specialist!

9.      Expand my recipe collection …accomplished due to a prescribed vegan diet!

10.  Home Improvements: paint bedroom, buy new couch, plant more hydrangeas.

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Melanie @ Life's Sweet Words

Thursday 18th of April 2013

Hey Christina, I hope you are doing well. I have actually been following you for a while but am now offical! I am currently reading Redeeming Love and am so entranced with it. I read this awhile back and remembered seeing it on your list. When a friend mentioned it to me a few weeks ago I figured between your love of it and her recommendation it would be worth a shot (not usually the type of book I read) and I am so glad I did! It is beautiful. Hope you have had a wonderful week!