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Thyme for Herbs

Spring is such a wonderful time of year for the herbalist and gardener. I am pleased to present my collection of Spring Herbs this season. These herbs are most commonly used for cooking as well as for fragrance.


1. Oregano — A signature flavor of many Italian, Mexican and Spanish dishes. Oregano is a perennial, thrives in full sun, and is very easy to grow from seed or as a transplant. Of all the dried herbs, oregano has one of the highest antioxidant levels.

2. Cilantro – Like politics and religion, cilantro elicits strong opinions. People love it or hate it. Edible from root to flower, cilantro has become one of the most popular herbs around. Cilantro is a short lived annual, lasting approximately 8-10 weeks.

3. Parsley – An underappreciated, easy growing herb. Although parsley is a very attractive plant, it is generally grown as a culinary herb and often wasted as a garnish or plate decoration. Parsley is a curly, leafy sprig that germinates very slow, and thrives in full sun, well drained soil.

4. Rosemary – Long known as the herb of remembrance, rosemary symbolizes loyalty and friendship. Requiring very little care, Rosemary can be grown indoors or outdoors, as long as it receives full sun, and grows as a fragrant perennial evergreen shrub.

5. Basil – The classic herb of summer, basil brings fragrance, beauty, and flavor to any garden. Used fresh, it makes delicious pestos and is an ideal partner for homegrown tomatoes. Plus, it thrives in the South with little care, so it’s great for new gardeners. It will grow perennially in warm, sunny climates.

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