Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Handy Homemaker Tips & Tricks II

Here are 10 more easy {and budget friendly} tips and tricks for all you homemakers out there!

1. Dry up grease stains with plain white chalk


2. Place a rubber band around the open can so you can wipe the excess paint off the brush.

 3. Use a marshmallow to keep your brown sugar soft. 


4. How to arrange flowers in a big bowl.

5. Shower Cap Travel Tip: A disposable shower cap is the perfect "shoe bag" when traveling. The cap keeps the dirty soles off your clothes in the suitcase, yet takes up no additional room.


6. Use toothpaste on picture hooks. Toothpaste marks the wall where you want it placed and allows you to easily nail and hang pictures.

7.Get the kinks out of wrinkled ribbons.

8. How to Fold a Fitted Sheet.

9. Homemade Frozen Dog Treats

10. DIY Salt Scrub


  1. My mom uses the same recipe to make dog treats! Drake (our dog) LOVES her for making these and treating him with them from time to time. I love the egg crate and ice cube tray idea. She uses muffin tins to freeze hers in!

  2. Great ideas! I use my straightener for random things more than I'd like to admit! ;)

  3. Gotta love pinterest! I have a lot of these saved as well, gotta try the fitted sheet trick! lol


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