Thursday, October 1, 2015

DIY Mummy Costume

It is so easy to break the bank on Halloween costumes. When the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween catalog recently arrived I immediately walked it straight to the recycling bin. I knew if I opened it I would be tempted to drop a small fortune on adorable outfits that my kiddos would wear for maybe 45 minutes. And with two littles to buy for this year I decided it was time to pull out my craft box and get a little clever.

While stocking up on more baby proofing locks I found this mummy costume online at Target and thought it was hilarious for Thomas. But $34? Nah. I knew I could totally make my own version for far less. And so I did... 
The supplies required were minimal. All I needed was a longsleeve onesie, a pair of googly eyes,  some fabric glue and 30 minutes. Yep, completed this project in 30 minutes. I considered using the sewing machine but knew that would tack on about two weeks to the project because that's about how long I would have to nag Matt to go up in the attic to get it. Fabric glue actually ended up working beautifully though!

I forgot to iron my onesies first so I had to iron each little strip (using my hair straightener - ha!) afterwards. So you could probably shave an additional 5 minutes off your project if you iron your onesie up front!
For the googly eyes I went with the 28 mm size, but you could go bigger or smaller! Many stores sell them in a variety pack so you can test different sizes.
Ta-da!! A cute, comfy Halloween outfit for Thomas for less than $10!

2 onesies (short or long sleeve)

1. Wash and iron (optional) your onesies.
2. Using your extra onesie, cut strips into desired size.
3. Layer strips on onesie before gluing them down to make sure you like the way it looks. Trim the edges.
4. Start gluing! I gently lifted one strip at a time and added glue underneath the top of each strip. Then I went back and glued the sides down all at once, lifting a few at a time.
5. Add googly eyes!




  1. That's so cute! Been thinking about y'all and hope Thomas is doing ok this week!


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  3. This is so cute!! I love that you used your hair straightener to iron! Genius!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it!!! I also throw PB catalogs straight in the recycle bin (but then I go online and shop their sales).

  5. Oh aren't you crafty lady?! Too cute- great idea!

  6. This is so adorable!! Honestly, it looks a lot better and easier for Thomas than the Target one! He's going to be one adorable mummy :)

  7. So cute and easy! I love the eyes peeking through haha


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