Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Master Bedroom Inspiration

We've been making over our master bedroom for a few months now and it's coming together so beautifully. In our last home we dedicated all our time and resources furnishing two little peoples rooms and then never ended up giving our bedroom any attention. However, we've slowly been replacing old pieces of furniture that Matt and I both brought to marriage with some truly gorgeous pieces. We've still got a few projects to wrap up, but today I thought I'd share the inspiration behind our master bedroom makeover...
The only piece of furniture we kept is our four poster bed. I love this bed so much and have had so many people ask me about it over the years. Matt and I purchased it from...Craig's list!! We stumbled upon a jackpot listing for brand new furniture that was being sold from a store that had just closed and scooped it up immediately.
master bedroom inspiration

I can't wait to reveal the finished room soon'ish!



  1. I love the light wood furniture! I'd love to get new furniture for our bedroom--so far we got a new headboard and am waiting for that to arrive next week. Your inspiration looks so good! Can't wait to see the full reveal!!

  2. Stunning - I love our master bedroom, it is clean and crisp and white - my little sanctuary x

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