Monday, January 22, 2018

Meal Plan Monday: Whole30 Finale | Week 4

We made it to our very last week of Whole30! Thank goodness. As much as we love this diet we are definitely starting to fall off the bandwagon a bit (ahem, weekends). Once this week is over I think we'll transition to the paleo diet! We have been really happy with our results though. We both have lost a few pounds but the biggest difference is the way our body feels without sugar and carbs. We've slept better, had more energy and overall just been happier! OK -- on to the final meal plan, which is pretty much the best one because it's a compilation of many of our favorite meals we've had throughout this diet!

B: Scrambled eggs over roasted sweet potatoes
D: Baked Pesto Salmon with Kale Chips
B: Scrambled eggs over roasted sweet potatoes
B: Scrambled eggs over roasted sweet potatoes
B: Scrambled eggs over roasted sweet potatoes
D: Chicken Fried Rice 

L: Salad
D: Oven Baked Ribs w/ Roasted Green Beans

SNACKS: celery or apples with almond butter, plantain chips and hard boiled eggs

L: Salads with leftover Paleo Carnitas 

L: Salad
D: Roasted chicken with green beans

B: Scrambled eggs, bacon & fruit
L: Salad
D: Steak, sweet potato & salad

**Favorite recipe of the week: Breakfast Casserole!!!! Oh my goodness, it is SO good. Runner up was Paleo Carnitas
Breakfast Casserole


D: Ground Turkey Taco Bowls with Spanish Cauliflower Rice

L: Leftover Ground Turkey Taco Bowls with Spanish Cauliflower Rice
D: Crockpot Chicken Tinga (using slow cooked pork) 

L: Leftover Crockpot Chicken Tinga
D: Pork Enchiladas (using leftover pork) 

L: Leftover Pork Enchiladas
D: Greek BurgersLoaded Guacamole Sweet Potato Fries
Greek Burgers
Loaded Guacamole Sweet Potato Fries


  1. I've loved following along on your Whole 30 the past few weeks... It has given me so many meal ideas! We are making the paleo carnitas this week. Have a great Monday!!

  2. The Loaded Guacamole Sweet Potato Fried look delicious. I've never tried Whole 20, was I was sugar-free once for a whole year. It was really hard, but I did feel great that year!

  3. Something I've been doing more as a change of pace in how I eat is the "Primal Blueprint", it's like a cross between paleo/whole 30, but you are still able to enjoy yourself with it as well (i.e. I can drink wine!!). I've loved eating that way lately sine it's not so strict, but I feel so much better. Mark Sisson's "Primal Blueprint" if you want to see more info!

  4. I love cheese too much for Paleo, but my sister in law does it! I'm posting an awesome lamb meatball recipe on Wednesday that works for Paleo! Also, there's a chicken soup with parsnips from Martha Stewart that's delish.


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