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April Amazon Favorites

Sharing a few new (and some longtime) favorite items from Amazon this month…


Kicking off the list with our favorite items we refilled this month:

  • Thomas Loafers: We have purchased this pair in every size over the past few years for Thomas. These are hands down his most complimented shoes every time he wears them. They come in several colors and the quality is excellent!
  • Diva Detergent: I don’t know why I keep buying the single bottles instead of the bulk quantity, but this splurge is one of my favorite luxury household items for my sheets and towels (definitely not the kids). You can read my full glowing review HERE.
  • Too Faced Waterproof Eyeliner: This is the BEST eye liner. I discovered it in a mini size awhile back and loved it so much that I have been buying it ever since.
  • RevitaLash: Refilled the mini size of this! I swear by this lash growth serum.
  • Arrow Refills: Y’all…the bow & arrow set we purchased for the kids during quarantine continues to provide endless hours of (indoor and outdoor) entertainment. I cannot recommend this set enough…just prepare to purchase lots of arrow refills.
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment: I have this on my Subscribe & Save. We go through SO MANY tubes of this as I keep them literally everywhere (desk, car, nightstand, junk drawers, purse, makeup drawer, etc.). I use it mostly for my lips but it’s so nice to have for the kids cheeks too when it’s col outside.
  • Adult Melatonin Gummies: These are our favorite adult night night gummies.

Items On The Way

  • Fairywill Teeth Whitening Strips: I went to refill my Crest whitestrips and these Fairywill Strips came up with amazing reviews so I’m going to give them a shot!
  • Make-up Travel Case: So many good reviews on this case so I’m going to see what the hype is all about. I currently do not have a good travel system for makeup and toiletries (ziploc bags for the win). If it takes up too much room in my suitcase though…I’m going to return it.
  • Luggage for the Kids: Caroline asked for a rolling suitcase for her birthday in a few weeks and I found the cutest (affordable) suitcase for her and grabbed a suitcase for Thomas too since we’ll (fingers crossed) have an airplane travel trip later this summer.
  • Barbie Styling Head: Caroline has been begging for one of these for awhile now so Thomas is getting it for her birthday gift. She’s going to flip out.
  • Sticker Earrings: Another small gift for Caroline! She’s been very into jewelry lately so I thought these sticker earrings would be fun for her…even though I am already preparing to eventually find 240 mini stickers all over the floor.
  • Dainty Stud Earrings: For me!! I’ve been looking for tiny studs just like this and the price is perfect.
  • Bissell Stomp ‘N Go Pet Lifting Pads: I’m a little embarrassed by how excited I am for these to arrive (today!!). One of my besties swears by these and told me that I absolutely had to buy them and share them with my readers. She even hilariously demonstrated them in a Marco Polo for me. I was sold. Obviously, we don’t have large pets, but we do have all sorts of other carpet stains so I’m excited to try these out!On to a few favorite items this month…

Silicone Scalp Massager

In my quest to prevent more hair loss, I’ve purchased lots of products over the past year. I’ve already shared my love for this shampoo and conditioner (which I included in my gift guides), but I wanted to share this amazing silicone scalp massager that I use in the shower. Not only is this soft hair brush super effective at cleaning your scalp (which is especially good for me since I don’t wash my hair every day), it promotes blood circulation which helps foster hair growth. I’ve seen huge improvements in my hair loss over the past few months, but I honestly have no clue which product to attribute it to since I now use so many things!

HUM Hair Gummies

Speaking of hair growth, I just ran out of my Sugar Bear Hair Gummies and decided to give these HUM Hair Gummies a shot after reading the reviews, plus they are a little less expensive. I really like the taste of these.

Swimsuit Cover Up Dress

I absolutely adore this cute Swim Cover-Up Dress. It comes in a rainbow of colors. I purchased it last summer and have worn it so much since. Also love this Sun Hat this pair of sunglasses for the beach/pool! Note: I’ve been adding ALL of my beach/pool favorites HERE!

Supergoop! Glow Stick

Re-sharing an amazing product recommendation from my Spring Break post — the Supergoop! Glow Stick. My sister brought this 50 SPF sunscreen stick to the beach and I loved it so much that I immediately purchased one for myself. This dry-oil stick offers glow-boosting hydration and invisible SPF 50 protection. It rolls on SO smooth and leaves a dewy finish without an oily residue. This is going to be one of my top summer products. Highly recommend!!

One Piece Swim Suit

You may remember this swim suit from my one-piece round-up last year. I ended up returning it because the padding was a little awkward. Well, I really liked the fit of the suit SO much so I decided to give it another try in green…

Honestly, the padding in the new suit is still kind of disappointing so I swapped it out with an insert from another suit and I really, really, really love this suit. Although it comes in a rainbow of colors, I am loving this color combo.

Raised Garden Bed

I am so pumped about our newly planted garden! A few weekends ago I picked up 3 types of lettuce to grow this spring in our raised garden. Last year I tried to do vegetables and failed, so I went with lettuce since we go through SO much each week (ahem, Sprinkles)!

Vintage Havana Sneakers

I actually purchased these Vintage Havana sneakers few months ago and they are my go to casual shoe I wear all the time now. They are so cute, come in a bunch of styles and are comfortable. Highly recommend these if you’re looking for a fun sneaker.

I would be remiss not to mention my favorite no-show socks if I’m talking about my favorite pair of shoes right now. These socks are consistently a “reader favorite” every month around here. If you haven’t purchased them yet, you are going to want to scoop up a pack!

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Thursday 29th of April 2021

I bought into the hype of the makeup case as well after seeing rave reviews. Did not work for me. The comparts weren't secure and kept coming apart so it was basically one large case. I found it too big as well. quickly put into the donate pile. Hope it works better for you! :)


Thursday 29th of April 2021

Noooooooooooooooo. :( Mine just arrived but I haven't used it yet!


Monday 26th of April 2021

The Bissell stomp pads are the best thing I have ever used for carpet stains, and I have tried everything out there! They are now a staple in our house.


Monday 26th of April 2021

UM i can't wait to hear about the stomp pads for stains on the carpet.