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Cleaning Stainless Steel

Cleaning my stainless steel pots, pans and appliances has been on my to-do list for weeks now. I cannot tell you how yucky, sticky and ugly my cookware has become over the years, and with each use I think to myself “I must clean these!”

Well, today I finally checked this task off my list!

I hate cleaning stainless steel, mostly because I have zero patience for tedious tasks. But I’ve learned the hard way that the longer you let your stainless steel go, the more elbow work you’ll have to put into cleaning later.

I spent a little over an hour scrubbing pots and pans today, but it sure did pay off. My stainless steel looks brand new! 

All you need is two ingredients, baking soda and peroxide.

In a small bowl, add ¼ cup of baking soda and just enough peroxide to make a paste. Using a sponge, scrub your stainless steel with the mixture.



Side by Side Comparison

This solution really does clean everything – stove, oven, stainless steel appliances and even the handles of the refrigerator door!


I recently learned about Bar Keepers Friend and now use this magical powder in place of this cleaning method. It is way faster and requires a lot less scrubbing!

I sprinkle a little powder in the pot, let is soak for a bit in my sink and then scrub a little and the build up comes right off!

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Bernice Parsons

Thursday 2nd of July 2015

The thing I like the most about stainless steel is that they are easy to clean, as much as they are fairly durable. That's why you always have that kind of metal in pots. It is a staple, and is deservedly so. Anyway, thanks for the cleaning those tips and recommendations, Christina!Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising

james abram

Tuesday 9th of September 2014

You did a fantastic job in cleaning those stainless steel pans! I also found a great source of cleaning stainless steel sinks here!

Micky Botter

Tuesday 30th of July 2013

Stainless Steel CleaningThank you for sharing very nice post

Kai Tiger

Tuesday 16th of April 2013

WOW. Fantastic job! I know it can be really tiring and tedious to clean stainless steel appliances and paraphernalia, so it's important to KEEP them clean. It's best to dry them off after washing them to minimize the risk of rusting. Cleaning out small bits of dirt takes a lot less time than waiting to clean a bigger problem, after all!-- Kai Tiger

Alphonse Daigle

Wednesday 6th of February 2013

When you see before and after photos like this, you would really be encouraged to try this out yourself! That’s what I did when I discovered an efficient cleaning method in Pinterest! I just used vinegar and baking soda. The steps were very simple and it really worked! That’s what I always use in cleaning my stainless steel kitchen pieces.