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DIY Paper Lanterns & A Garden Engagement Party

This upcoming weekend, my friend hosted a “Garden Inspired Engagement Party,” for our dear friends Brynn and Palmer. In preparation for the lovely shindig, five of us girls got together over the weekend for a “Paper Lantern Party.” For hours DAYS, we suffered hot glue burns, numb fingers, and paper cuts, all for the most amazing. massive. puffy. gorgeous. paper lanterns!!

The final product:

Each 38″ lantern takes approximately 500 coffee filters, and 2 hours to create. I recommend picking up your coffee filters bulk (here), lanterns in bulk (here) and hot glue sticks in bulk (here) too! After an entire weekend of gluing, we are only about 2/3 of the way finished, and will be gathering several evenings this week to knock the rest of them out (K+K have their hearts set on 30 lanterns)!

 Here is all you need:

{574,375,436,252,543} Coffee Filters

{30} Paper Lanterns

{5} committed friends

Hot glue guns & hot glue sticks

Lots of coffee

I couldn’t wait to see these delicate beauties hanging at the party…

All finished and ready to party…

Amazing, right?

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Thursday 2nd of May 2024

Just beautiful! You answered my question I bought some flowers and didn’t know if I could use glue gun! Thank you! Beautiful!


Saturday 24th of January 2015

The glue gun didn't burn the paper lanterns?

Jackie M

Tuesday 6th of August 2013

What lights did you use on the inside or did you use the lanterns with batteries??


Sunday 20th of May 2018

I’m curious about this too?

Mike D

Wednesday 29th of May 2013

Thanks so much for the idea. This was a great inspiration. I tried lighting up the balls from the inside and it is quite magical. Highly recommended. Here is a video of what it looks like.


Thursday 16th of August 2012

Do you have a step by step on this? Would be great - it's hard to see the pics up close of the process, and not sure how you folded the coffee filters and glued them down to look so cute! Nice job!