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Gift Guide for Kids (Boys, Girls & Experience Gifts)

I polled y’all last week to see which gift guide to push out next — girls or boys? The results came back as a tie! So I decided to combine these gift guides into one post for two reasons…1. To push them both out faster and 2. There are items on both lists that are perfect gifts for boys or girls, so make sure to check out both lists no matter who you are shopping for!!! These gift guides were seriously SO MUCH FUN to pull together. Shopping for the kids is seriously my favorite. And just so you know, our kids either own almost everything on this list (so you’ve likely seen it here before) or it’s on their wish list for this year!

  1. Saucer Swing with Frame: We surprised the kids with this swing back in the spring and they have gotten SO much use out of it. They play on it ALL the time!! Highly recommend!
  2. Caboodle: Takes me back to my childhood! Caroline has a caboodle and loves it!
  3. Stretchy Bracelet Making Kit: A local bracelet kit from Beads, Inc (one of our favorite Charlotte shops!). We took Caroline to Beads as her 4th birthday gift to make necklaces and she’s been begging to go back. And now they offer home bracelet making kits!!! There are so many cute ones to pick from. This is such a great gift for little girls and an excellent way to support local!!
  4. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Such a great book featuring 100 tales of extraordinary women — one of our favorite books in our collection!!
  5. Baby Doll Bicycle Seat: Caroline loves riding around on with her bike with her baby doll buckled in behind her. It’s the cutest little seat and comes with a helmet too.
  6. Dollhouse Jewelry Box: I love how this jewelry box can grow with Caroline. It’s gorgeous!!!
  7. Bike: This was the big Christmas gift we surprised both the kids with in 2020. We have absolutely loved these bikes and would highly recommend them. They were even featured on Shark Tank!
  8. Science Kit: We got this for Caroline last year and had SO much fun doing all of the experiments!
  9. Zipline: On both kids wish list! We’re either going to get them one of these or the ninja set (#23) for Christmas!
  10. Personalized Spinner Luggage: It’s time for the kids to tote their own belongings through the airport!
  11. *LOL Surprise: Caroline got this last year and asked for another one this year.
  12. Personalized Robe: We love these for the pool too!!
  13. Ladybug Garden: Caroline got this for her birthday and we had so much fun raising ladybugs!
  14. *Light-up Terrarium Kit: A top 5 most popular item from last year!
  15. *Polly Pocket Mega Mall: Caroline is Polly Pocket obsessed these days
  16. VTech Smart Watch: Both kids have loved this watch!
  17. Personalized Pink Ruffle Gingham Apron: For the girls who love to cook!
  18. Girls Vanity: Is this not so gorgeous?! You can find more affordable options at Overstock and Walmart!
  19. *Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone: Top seller from last year!
  20. *Hedbanz: My favorite family game, hands down!!! We all die laughing when we play this.
  21. Unicorn Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair: We got our kids bean bag chairs last year and they use them all the time. They are so comfortable to lounge in.
  22. Pie Face: Our kids LOVE this game and it’s so hilarious to play!
  23. Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course: On both kids wish lists this year!!
  24. Tamagotchi: They are BACK!!! Me and my siblings had these when we were kids and LOVED them.
  25. Scooter

  1. Drum Set: with headphones!
  2. Bike: This is one of the reader recommended bikes we’re leaning towards for Thomas. It was featured on Shark Tank and has a lot of great reviews.
  3. Ant Farm
  4. Personalized Robe: We loved these for the pool too!
  5. Walkie Talkies: A top seller last year and also one of our kids favorite toys for running around the house or backyard! We took these camping this year and they were a blast!!
  6. Spinner Luggage: It’s time for the kids to tote their own belongings through the airport!
  7. Bike Launch Ramp: HOW FUN is this!? My dad used to build these by hand for me and my siblings when we were little and we loved to ride our bikes over them.
  8. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone: Top seller from last year!
  9. The Floor is Lava: A game I plan to get the kids in hopes they stop using my couch cushions and pillows to avoid falling into lava in our family room.
  10. Electric Guitar
  11. Boy & Arrow Set: Both of our kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! Highly recommend!!!
  12. VTech Smart Watch: Both kids are getting watches for Christmas!
  13. Nerf Gun: My brother got this for Thomas for his birthday and it’s been one of his favorite toys. He likes it because you don’t have to pump the gun — it’s motorized!
  14. Indoor Basketball Hoop: Thomas is definitely getting this for Christmas and I cannot wait to see his face when he opens it!
  15. Golf Club Set: Top 5 seller from last year! Thomas has multiple sets of golf clubs and this is one of them!
  16. Pedal Go Kart
  17. Indoor Playground: Especially perfect for those of you who have lots of snow days each winter!
  18. Razor Scooter: updated link to a foldable version that is even better!!!
  19. Magnetic Dart Board
  20. Critter Cage: Our kids bring this with them everywhere. We took it to the beach to catch crabs. We took it camping to catch bugs. And they are constantly finding little critters in the backyard to keep.
  21. Magic Tricks Kit
  22. Ride-On Toy: One of my girlfriends got this for her boys and they are obsessed.
  23. Yeti In My Spaghetti: We have so much fun playing this game. It’s also my go to gift for kid birthdays!
  24. Stomp Rocket: Thomas loves his!
  25. Zipline: On both kids wish list! We’re either going to get them one of these or the ninja set (#23 above) for Christmas!

Non-Toy & Experience Gift Ideas

  1. A guinea pig! But read this post first.
  2. Trip to Great Wolf Lodge
  3. Manicure & pedicure
  4. Trip to the Zoo (Check out Lazy 5 Ranch for the locals)
  5. Dance Classes
  6. Trip to the Aquarium
  7. Raddish Kids Cooking Club subscription
  8. Movie Tickets
  9. Science Center membership (Discovery Place membership for the locals)
  10. Magazine subscriptions (National Geographic Kids / Sports Illustrated Kids / Highlights For Children)
  11. Cooking Classes (Flour Power Kids Cooking Studio or Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen for the locals)
  12. Carowinds season pass
  13. Music lessons (guitar, piano, etc.)
  14. Jewelry making date at Beads Inc. (or at home with Bracelet Making Kit)
  15. A trip to Build-A-Bear
  16. Gift card or dinner at a Hibachi Steak House (we like Nakato)
Need more ideas? Check out last year’s KIDS GIFT GUIDE!

Stocking Stuffers

  1. Glow In The Dark Stars
  2. Dinosaur Taco Holder
  3. Kinetic Sand
  4. Table Topics
  5. Dot Markers
  6. Spirograph Travel Set
  7. Little Readers Books
  8. Bath Bombs with Surprise Toys for Kids
  9. Electric Toothbrush (Set of 2 Brushes)
  10. Knock Knock Joke Book
  11. Card Game Holder
  12. 6 pk Classic Card Games
  13. Water Beads
  14. Bunch O (Water) Balloons
  15. Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle
  16. Polly Pocket
  17. Mini Wet Brush (3 pk)
  18. Unicorn Snot Body Gel
  19. Cats Cradle String Game
  20. Nail Polish Holder
  21. Race Track Tape
  22. Toilet Night Light
  23. Bicycle (Motorcycle) Noise Maker
  24. Sharkpedo
  25. Dinosaur Excavation Kit

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