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Gift Guide: Little Boys (Ages 5-7)

It’s been really fun watching Thomas’s interests evolve over the past year. He is truly obsessed with all things ninja, beyblade, sports, race cars and super heroes and I LOVE IT. In fact, we worked on this gift guide together to select some of our most favorite items from the past year to include, as well as a few wish list items. I hope you find the perfect gift for the little man in your life!

Note: There are actually two separate guides in this post — ages 5-6 (which is last year’s guide with all the links updated) and ages 6-7 guide (brand new guide this year). Make sure to read some of the notes too for helpful information. And as always, THANK YOU for shopping through my links! Your support truly means the world to me.

  1. All-Terrain Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle: Rated one of Walmart’s “Top Rated Kids Toys” for 2021, this is the first item on Thomas’s wish list this year!
  2. Ninja Swords with Motion Activated Clanging Sounds: Thomas went through a serious ninja phase this year. It was even his birthday theme. And out of all the ninja items he has collected, these swords are still his favorite. Many battles have been had in our playroom with this sword 2-pack. These swords feature motion activated sounds and change colors.
  3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition: The Easter Bunny brought our first Harry Potter book to Caroline and it has been such a fun family experience! We are now on book #4 and read it every night as a family. The illustrated version is definitely worth the splurge and is especially perfect for introducing this magical world to younger kids!
  4. Water Rocket Kit:  Thomas received a Rocket Kit from one of his friends for his birthday last month and it has provided endless hours of entertainment for our kids…and all the neighbor kids too. This stem toy is seriously impressive (and slightly terrifying – ha) and blasts insanely high (90 feet!!!!) into the air. I cannot recommend this rocket high enough. It is so fun, the kids were able to put it together on their own and it’s really durable (I expected it to break after hitting the ground a million times but hasn’t)!
  5. Dog Man Book Series: If your little man loved Captain Underpants, he will LOVE Dog Man. This wildly popular series appeals to readers of all ages and explores universally positive themes, including empathy, kindness, persistence, and the importance of being true to one’s self. And the hilarious comic illustrations really draw Thomas in and keep his attention! Highly recommend!!
  6. Personalized Bean Bag Chair: So many cute designs! I love how you can personalize these chairs too.
  7. Battleship Game: If it’s Thomas’s turn to pick the game for family game night, this is ALWAYS it.
  8. Rechargeable Laser Tag: With the evenings getting dark so much earlier, this is the perfect game for the neighborhood kids to play in the dark in the backyard! We own a 2 player set and wish we had grabbed this one instead!
  9. The Original AirFort — Build A Fort in 30 Seconds: I LOVE a toy that can be built in seconds and is easy to break down and store! The perfect toy to travel with for (road trip) vacations too. There are lots of colors/themes to choose from. Don’t forget to grab a box fan!
  10. Echo Dot Kids with parental controls: Our kids LOVE their echo dots and use them to listen to audio books and music, ask a million questions, set timers, etc.
  11. Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit: This kit is on our list for Thomas this year after seeing how much he loved the water rocket kit (#6)!
  12. Soccer Nets: These are constantly being moved daily from the backyard to the driveway to the front yard to the street. Our kids love these nets…and they’ve even held up GREAT despite me running over them a time or two.
  13. Glow in the Dark Basketball: Another great outdoor item for playing in the dark! We got this basketball for Thomas’s birthday and it works REALLY well!!
  14. Goo Jitzu: I think Thomas has 7 of these now and is truly obsessed with them. There are SO many variations of this fun stretchy, squishy toy.
  15. Glow in the Dark Basketball Net: I just bought this sun-powered glow in the dark net for Thomas’s basketball hoop for Christmas!
  16. Dinosaur Shot Gun: On Thomas’s wish list this year! This nerf gun transforms into a dinosaur!!
  17. Skateboard: Another one of Walmart’s “Top Rated Kids Toys” for 2021, this is the next size skateboard for Thomas!
  18. Batman Cave: At 2.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, this toy takes up some space (note: it does fold for storage) but I don’t mind because it is seriously one of our most played with toys. Similar to the Barbie Dream House, Thomas and Caroline have spent countless hours playing with playset. It includes a mission control center with 8 activation points, working Bat-Signal, spinning Batsuit vault, helipad, 3 jail cells, elevator and climbing wall. It also includes 13 accessories and 5 exclusive Imaginext figures, including Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze!
  19. BEYBLADES Vertical Drop Battle Set: We discovered Beyblades this year along with what seems like every other 6 year old boy too. I’m not gonna lie though, these are pretty cool and are fun to collect. In fact, Thomas attended a Beyblade birthday party recently and all the boys brought their beyblades for battle — and it was epic. If your little man hasn’t been introduced to these yet, start with this set because it includes the stadium you need for battle, plus a few 2 beyblades and launchers to get your started. You can purchase additional packs of beyblades too.
  20. Hot Wheels Massive Loop Mayhem Track Set: This permanently lives in my living room I guess. Thomas loves this track set. And it’s another toy that made Walmart’s Top Rated Toy List. You can find it at Walmart here, but it goes in and out of stock a LOT.
  21. Marvel Spider-Man Super Web Slinger: Another fun Walmart Top Rated Toy that I’m thinking about getting Thomas for Christmas. It shoots webs or water which is pretty cool.
  22. LEGO Creator Fish Tank: So cool, right!?!
  23. Pedal Go Kart: This was on Thomas’s wish list last year and again this year. We would love to get one for each of the kids but we don’t have a place to store them unfortunately.
  24. MLB Slammin’ Sluggers Baseball Game: This was a really fun game until we lost all the pieces.
  25. Giant Coloring Poster: Our kids love to color on the weekends — like, for hours! So when I stumbled upon this ginormous poster I immediately grabbed it for Thomas! This is so cool! You can grab it in several versions — dinosaurs, dragons or zoo! There’s a separate link to the ocean and jungle versions too. It’s perfect for snow and rainy days ahead!

  1. Drum Set: with headphones!
  2. Bike: This is one of the reader recommended bikes we’re leaning towards for Thomas. It was featured on Shark Tank and has a lot of great reviews.
  3. Ant Farm
  4. Personalized Robe: We loved these for the pool too!
  5. Walkie Talkies: A top seller last year and also one of our kids favorite toys for running around the house or backyard! We took these camping this year and they were a blast!!
  6. Spinner Luggage: It’s time for the kids to tote their own belongings through the airport!
  7. Bike Launch Ramp: HOW FUN is this!? My dad used to build these by hand for me and my siblings when we were little and we loved to ride our bikes over them.
  8. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone: Top seller from last year!
  9. The Floor is Lava: A game I plan to get the kids in hopes they stop using my couch cushions and pillows to avoid falling into lava in our family room.
  10. Electric Guitar
  11. Boy & Arrow Set: Both of our kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!!! Highly recommend!!!
  12. VTech Smart Watch: Both kids are getting watches for Christmas!
  13. Nerf Gun: My brother got this for Thomas for his birthday and it’s been one of his favorite toys. He likes it because you don’t have to pump the gun — it’s motorized!
  14. Indoor Basketball Hoop: Thomas is definitely getting this for Christmas and I cannot wait to see his face when he opens it!
  15. Golf Club Set: Top 5 seller from last year! Thomas has multiple sets of golf clubs and this is one of them!
  16. Pedal Go Kart
  17. Indoor Playground: Especially perfect for those of you who have lots of snow days each winter!
  18. Razor Scooter: updated link to a foldable version that is even better!!!
  19. Magnetic Dart Board
  20. Critter Cage: Our kids bring this with them everywhere. We took it to the beach to catch crabs. We took it camping to catch bugs. And they are constantly finding little critters in the backyard to keep.
  21. Magic Tricks Kit
  22. Ride-On Toy: One of my girlfriends got this for her boys and they are obsessed.
  23. Yeti In My Spaghetti: We have so much fun playing this game. It’s also my go to gift for kid birthdays!
  24. Stomp Rocket: Thomas loves his!
  25. Zipline: On both kids wish list! We’re either going to get them one of these or the ninja set (#23 above) for Christmas!

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Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Thank you for this guide! My 6 year old would love everything on this list!


Wednesday 27th of October 2021

YAY! That makes me so happy!!