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My Home Office & Favorite Office Items

Looking for a little home office inspiration? Keep reading below as I share my tips, tricks and top picks for a home office. 

This month marks one year since I transitioned our Circle Room to my Home Office. For those of you who have been following along for awhile, you know just how much I loved our Circle Room. It was a cozy room we used all the time, so I held out on converting it to an office for as long as I possibly could. However, after working from our dining room table for more than a year, it was finally time to create a dedicated work space with drawers and doors.

Since Havenly designed our Circle Room, I reached back out to them for help modifying the room to accommodate a work space while preserving as much of the room as possible. And I couldn’t have been happier with the design they created, which thankfully required only a few new purchases. I moved two of our white swivel chairs and ottoman to our family room and added a beautiful (and functional) desk.

Home Office Sources

Desk | Desk Chair | Swivel Chairs | Pillows + Inserts | Rug | Mirror | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Floral Framed Prints | Pencil Succulent | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Canvas Art | Table Lamp | Piano | Acrylic Piano Stand | Basket | End Table | Lamp

And I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items in my home office! I use and love all of these items daily…

  1. Felt Tip Pens: My favorite pens for color coding all my to do lists and paper calendars. These pens have a very fine tip, come in a pack of 10 and are less than $5!!!
  2. Desk: I absolutely love this desk. It has 3 roomy drawers and is ginormous.
  3. Heating Pad: Y’all…I use this thing ALL DAY LONG. We keep our home freezing and I’m usually sore from 9Round, so this heating pad is a lifesaver for me. It heats up quickly, has 4 heat settings and a magnetic closure on the front so it doesn’t slip off your shoulders. Highly recommend!
  4. Laptop: I spent way too much time researching laptops and ended up with this beautiful HP touchscreen. It is truly perfect.
  5. Laptop Stand: This is the stand I use for my laptop. It’s adjustable up to 17′, can tilt and has a vent so your laptop doesn’t overheat.
  6. Daily Planner Pad: My note pad for daily to do lists and scheduling.
  7. Lap Desk: If I’m working in my bed or on the couch, this is the lap desk I’m using! I love how it has a built in mouse pad and a slot for your phone. 
  8. Monitor: I have TWO of these ginormous 24″ monitors and couldn’t work without them. They are amazing — especially when I’m working in spreadsheets.
  9. Docking Station: This is my docking station for my laptop and monitors.
  10. Keyboard: My wireless keyboard that has a built in rechargeable battery (via usb). It is super slim and keeps a charge for 6 months at a time.
  11. Mouse: My wireless mouse that comes in a million colors.
  12. Phone Stand Charger: This was the office item I didn’t know I needed until Matt surprised me with it! It charges my phone super fast.
  13. Ring Light: I clip this onto my laptop for video meetings.
  14. White Tea Diffuser Oil: This scent is unbelievably amazing (I think the Ritz uses it in their lobbies too) and makes my office smell fresh and clean. 
  15. Throw Blanket (color snow leopard): The BEST $15 blanket ever that I’ve blogged about a million times. We own 4 of these!
  16. AirPods: Absolutely could not get through the day without these. I live with my AirPods in.
  17. YETI Coffee Mug: My favorite mug for keeping my coffee hot.
  18. HP Inkjet Printer: This printer has been perfect for printing, copying and scanning documents — from our laptops, phones or tablets. And we subscribe to HP’s Instant Ink program which automatically mails us our ink cartridges when they are running low.
  19. Bluetooth Speaker: The speaker I use to listen to music while I work.
  20. Laptop Tote Bag: This is the only item on my list that I don’t actually own…yet. It’s on my wish list after so many of y’all recommended it!

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