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Progressive Christmas Dinner Party!

I love our neighborhood SO much. SO much in fact, that I agreed to serve on our HOA board as the social committee co-chair and host the last stop of our neighborhood Christmas progressive dinner party on Sunday night. Trust me, that’s a lot of love…

We spent the entire weekend festivizing (I just made that word up) our home for Christmas. Since this is our first Christmas in our new home so we had a LOT of new decorations to purchase! Matt and Caroline spent a full day running back and forth from Walmart and Home Depot buying exterior stuff and hanging everything. Meanwhile, Thomas and I ran all the other party errands and got to work festivizing the inside of our home! As fun and exhausting as it was to get ready, I was glad I had the party deadline to get it all done.

I was especially excited to finally break in our dining room! We just started working on this room about six months ago and it’s coming together so beautifully. 

After posting to insta-stories I received a TON of questions asking for sources for things so I’m going to break it down for ya:

Table: I had so much fun blowing everyone’s mind with the source for our table — it’s the Pottery Barn Banks Dining Table. Just kidding! It’s the most perfect dupe of the PB table…from Home Depot. YES! Home Depot. And I actually purchased it for half that price during an amazing sale. Now I just need my dream chairs to go on sale.

Light Fixture: Duh, it’s from Wayfair, just like every other light fixture in our house!

Curtains: The curtains are the real reason I don’t have dining room chairs. I fell in love with and splurged on gorgeous Calico Wedgewood fabric by Lacefield Designs and had them custom made. They deserve a post on their own because they are sooooooo unbelievably beautiful and worth every last drop of my decorating budget. Who needs chairs anyway?

Okay, back to the party! I made an early bird trip to Trader Joes to raid the eucalyptus delivery on Friday morning before work. I am not even kidding, I visited TJ’s three times last week for eucalyptus and they were sold out by lunch every day. So, bright and early I arrived and practically tackled the poor flower man carrying the boxes outside. I bought 10 bunches of eucalyptus for our banister garland and had two bunches left over so I used it for my tablescape. I simply laid it out in piles (loosely) in between the candles and it turned out so pretty. The gold votives are from Michaels and the tall white candles are from Walmart (thanks, Matt). 

The night was a huge success and we had about 35 neighbors attend the progressive party! The first stop of the party was happy hour and appetizers — hosted by my friend and social co-chair, Brooke! Her fam lives directly across the street from us so it couldn’t have been more convenient for all the party goers.

I brought my favorite Hot Corn Dip appetizer!

The next and final stop was our house for dinner and dessert! A huge kudos to Matt for working hard to pry open every painted shut window to hang those wreaths!

For dinner, neighbors brought over SIX crock pots of chilis! Want to know one of the best benefits of hosting the dinner portion of the event? Leftover chili. For daysssssssss.

I made my favorite Wendy’s chili and 50 corn bread muffins for the party too. 

We ended the party with a ton of delicious dessert!



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Roslyn Reinhart

Sunday 4th of March 2018

Beautiful dining room! Where did you find the curtain rods!? Are those custom too? I've been looking for curtain rods for our new home, but haven't found great options for double and triple windows.


Monday 5th of March 2018

The rods are from Lowes!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Thursday 14th of December 2017

Such a cute idea! And I love your light fixture in the dining room x

Alicia Rowland

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

This looks so fun! You know what made me feel like the biggest old lady ever? When I saw all the crockpots plugged in my first thought was "I wonder if they blew a fuse?" Haha!!!

Linsey G

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

Great idea for the neighborhood! I am curious about the logistics of all the people eating chili. Was it super casual like standing around the kitchen or where did most people eat? I'm thinking of suggesting something like this for our neighborhood.

Carolina Charm

Monday 11th of December 2017

Yes! Very casual. Everyone stood around in the kitchen because they didn't want to stray too far from their next bowl of chili. If I did this again I would opt for smaller bowls so people could try more samples of each soup!

sara [at] journey of doing

Wednesday 6th of December 2017

Will you actually do a post on the curtains though? I think I'm going to need a couple of custom window treatments... so I'd love the details!! Love your dining room! (Who needs chairs is right! That fabric is gorgeous!)