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Recent Amazon Favorites

I’m rounding up all of my recent Amazon favorites from Q1 in case you’ve missed any! There are so many good items here but I thought it would be fun to share the most popular item from each list!

— January Favorites —

  1. portable ice maker // Our ice maker broke about 6 months ago so I’m not sure why it took us so long to pull the trigger on this incredible portable ice maker! Perfect for parties or every day ice, this machine makes the softest bullet cubes — FAST. You can store the machine anywhere (like the garage) and just pour the water into the reservoir when you want ice…and a new tray is made every 8 minutes!!!
  2. criss cross sweater // The cutest sweater ever that you can dress up for date night or down for running errands. Comes in several colors!
  3. pillows // In our constant quest to identify what is waking Thomas up in the middle of the night we decided to try out new pillows. With 4,600+ amazing reviews, we decided to grab this set for his bed. Unfortunately they have not kept him soundly sleeping through the night but these pillows are SO amazing that I ended up purchasing a set for me and Matt too.
  4. Dr. Mom otoscope // Another item I don’t know how we’ve lived without for so long!! During cold season especially, Thomas is extremely prone to ear infections. I hate not knowing whether or not to take him to the doctor — most of the times he doesn’t even talk about ear pain or spike a fever until things get really bad. Now I can peek into his ears any time to keep an eye on things and it’s been amazing. And don’t worry, the set comes with instructions for distinguishing healthy ears vs infected ears.
  5. Vitafusion Women’s Gummies // Switching over to gummies has enticed me to take my multivitamin regularly! I did a ton of research on women’s vitamins and the 3,000+ reviews on these sold me. They are delicious and packed with vitamins and minerals.

READER FAVORITE: Hotel Collection Gel Pillows

— February Favorites —

  1. Bruno Marc Men’s William Classic Oxfords Dress Shoes: I bought these shoes for Matt for Valentine’s Day and they are the most amazing quality $28 dupes for his identical $200+ dress shoes. He absolutely loved these and neither of us can get over the quality. They come in 12 colors!
  2. Caudalie Lip Conditioner: Matt put this in my Christmas stocking and it’s one of my absolute favorite lip balm! 
  3. Drunk Elephant Rise + Glow Duo – Morning Skin Care SetI have been wanting to try Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum for a looong time but have never been able to pull the trigger with an $80 price tag for 1 oz of serum! I’ve heard over and over that it’s worth the price tag for this super-potent vitamin C day serum that is packed with powerful antioxidants and magical nutrients. And it’s considered the dupe to the even higher priced Skinceuticals Vitamin-C serum that is all the rage. Anyway, I just realized that the Drunk Elephant comes in a travel size for a fraction of the price and bought it a few weeks ago…and agree that it’s pretty incredible. So if you’re dying to try it…scoop it up in travel size first!
  4. Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Elderberry Immune Support GummiesTime for my seasonal PSA! If your kiddo’s classroom is passing the flu around for the 34583495th time this season, I highly recommend grabbing these gummies for a little extra protection. This is one of our “Subscribe & Save” items! 
  5. Preschool Practice Handwriting WorkbookCaroline has been having so much fun practicing her handwriting! We still LOVE the Fundanoodle books for tracing too but have been acquiring an assortment of workbooks for her. 

READER FAVORITE: Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Elderberry Immune Support Gummies

— March Favorites —

  1. Luxury Bed Sheets: $30 for KING size luxury bed sheets with 50,000+ reviews (#1 best seller in sheets). These softest sheets ever are wrinkle and fade resistant and feature deep pockets too!
  2. lululemon Running Shorts Dupe: I was SO excited to discover this recommendation in a local mom group. These shorts are pretty much identical to the lululemon running shorts (but for half the price)!
  3. H Bangle Bracelet: I was so excited when I discovered this Hermès bangle dupe over on Hi Sugarplum!and scooped it up in white! But it also comes in so many colors — and is only $16!
  4. Bamboo Purse: I’m super excited that my bamboo purse is finally on the way after being out of stock for so long! I had the hardest time picking a color on this purse — original, pink, green?! I love them all!
  5. Steve Madden Slip Ons: I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable pair of slip ons for spring and ended up going with this pair from Steve Madden. They are so cute, affordable and come in several colors!

READER FAVORITE: lululemon Running Shorts Dupe

Favorite Swim Suits —

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

READER FAVORITE: Orange Scallop Suit

Favorite Girls Spring Dresses

READER FAVORITE: short sleeve summer casual dress

Favorite Subscribe & Save Items —

READER FAVORITE: Hydrolyzed Collagen Gummies

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Friday 5th of April 2019

I love this series of your blog! It's always such a good mix of items and always things I never knew I needed. :)


Saturday 6th of April 2019

Thank you, friend!!


Thursday 4th of April 2019

I got my husband a pair of the dress shoes you recommended. The style he got was on sale and he got his for $18! They are comfortable (and he is super picky) and he may get another pair. Great find!


Saturday 6th of April 2019

Woahhhhh - $18?! That’s amazing!!!! Matt wants a million more pairs of these. They are so awesome!!


Thursday 4th of April 2019

I was just looking at the ear thing on amazon and wondering if it would be a good buy after taking my son to the dr for croup and discovering he had “a pretty infected ear”. I felt like the worst mom even though he never made a peep about his ear hurting.


Thursday 4th of April 2019

Don’t feel bad, my daughter once had pus coming out her ear from a burst infected eardrum and until then we had no idea 🤢


Thursday 4th of April 2019

We just diagnosed Thomas with his first ear infection with this device this week!! He was complaining about his ear hurting and when I peeked inside it looked infected so I took him right in and the doctor confirmed he has one.