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Summer is here!

Today is officially the first day of SUMMER!

Oh, what I would give to have just one more 3 month summer vacation to do whatever I wanted. If I could relive one more college summer, the following would be on my bucket list…

1. Rally a bunch of friends to play on this floating playground in the middle of the ocean.

 2. Float on a large pillow in a pool – everyday.

3. Host beer pong pool parties.

 4. Rent a “wave rider” at the beach with all my friends.  

5. Go snorkeling. 

6. Go tubing in this awesome float

 7. Play on floating motorized bumper cars

8. Tube down the river

9. Lay in a hammock – all day.

10. Go sailing

Happy First Day of Summer!

What is on your dream summer 2012 bucket list?


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Mystery Girl

Friday 25th of January 2013

I am really amazed by those. I had never heard some kind of activities here in my place. I wish there are such activities in here.Cocktail Machines Perth

Jordan - Queen of LA!

Thursday 21st of June 2012

ive never even seen half of those things but OH MY GOD do i want to go do them all!!! so fun!!!

Meg {henninglove}

Thursday 21st of June 2012

seriously i want to leave the office right now and do all of those fun water activities. and yes i blog during work and i am a bad employee

Maggie C

Thursday 21st of June 2012

Holy smokes, the floating playground and wive rider look like so much fun!!


Wednesday 20th of June 2012

I love everything on your list! #1 is amazing. I must go there.