Friday, January 13, 2012

How to Fix the No Reply-Comment!

Have you ever received a sweet comment on your blog and tried to respond, but received a “No Reply-Comment” response? Awhile back, my bloggy friend, Classic Annie, posted a fabulous tutorial on HOW TO FIX this little problem. Since I have been receiving a lot of “No Reply-Comments,” I thought I would re-post in hopes that I can reply to all my blog love!

To fix:
 - Go to Dashboard
 - Edit Profile
 - Check box "show my email address"
 - Save your Profile

*Note: your email will only be connected to your comment and is not posted anywhere else. 

Thank you, Classic Annie!


  1. Thanks! I tagged you in my blog game :)

  2. Very good when I can reply to commenters!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I will post this on my blog tomorrow. Also, I just noticed I still hadn't followed you. My blogger has been spastic these days. I promise I follow you now. :) Sorry about all the confusion :)

  4. just so you know, the top picture of you exchanging letters has been repinned 5930 times on pinterest! i'm an avid reader of your blog and recognized immediately! it's such a beautiful picture : )


  5. You're a lifesaver. Thanks for posting this and also for letting me know :)

  6. Hey
    How to Fix the No Reply-Comment!
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    Thank you!

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