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2024 Amelia Island Spring Break

We had an amazing Spring Break down in Amelia Island, Florida! This was our 5th year staying at the Omni Amelia Island resort and it was just as lovely as always.

A few pics from our trip…

Caroline’s Straw Hat + Bikini + Pants + Slides

While we did squeeze in some beach time, the pool at this resort is really fantastic and is usually where the kids want to spend most of the time which we didn’t mind because the vibe, food, and drinks are just so good.

My friend Jessica, and her family were vacationing at the same time as us too so all our kids got to run around together all week which was so fun and kept them busy.

My Cover-Up is old (from Amazon) + Straw Hat / Caroline’s Straw Hat + Bikini / Thomas Swim Trunks

This was also our first trip without goggles for Thomas following his IOL surgery late last year — and it was truly incredible. It was a totally different experience for him to be able to swim in the pool and play on the beach without the fear of getting a drop of chlorine or a grain of sand in his contacts. I am so unbelievably grateful to see the continued blessings that have come from this surgery.

This was also our first year we didn’t need to run down to the pool at the crack of dawn to reserve the first row pool loungers. In fact, Matt and I were able to snag chairs several rows back and it was glorious. I got to read a book and play a million rounds of The Game (solo and with friends)!

BOOK + The Game + HAT

While better than last year, the weather was OK this year. Out of 3 full days, we had one gorgeous day filled with warm sunshine, one gross day filled mostly with thunderstorms, and a cold and windy but sunny day. But we made the most of each day regardless the weather.

I packed all of us nice outfits for dinner, but we were all so tired by sunset (the kids like to stay at the pool as late as possible) that we ordered takeout poolside for most meals which was totally fine by me and Matt since we dream all year about the fish tacos and ocean poke bowl from the poolside restaurant.

We did explore the resort a bit and grabbed a meal from a few of our other usual stops — breakfast and a lunch from Marche Burette, a casual dinner at Falcons Nest, and of course all the treats.

This year I decided to make a batch of Prickly Pear Margaritas to bring with us for the beach and walking around the resort in the evening and they were so, so, so good — the perfect summertime cocktail. And it saved me from having to pack heavy liquor bottles or juice limes in our hotel room!


Vacation went by fast, as always, but we were all so grateful for time away together, a break from sports practices and cooking, and to spend time in such a special place.

Now back to reality!

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Wednesday 10th of April 2024

What an amazing vacation!