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Gift Ideas for Grandparents Who Have Everything

A list of 32 gift ideas for grandparents who have everything!

Gift Ideas for Grandparents Who Have Everything

1. Wearable Blanket

A soft and luxurious wearable sherpa blanket with cozy sleeve arms (that allows for full range of motion), open-back, and pocket for your remote or phone. Perfect for snuggling on the couch, lounging in bed, reading, etc. .

Available in lots of colors and prints.

2. Vintage Bookshelf Games

Three of the most popular classic board games in one collection designed for play and for displaying on your bookshelf!

You can buy these games individually or as a set, as well as many other game options HERE!

3. Grandparents Legacy Journal

A prompted keepsake journal filled with questions for grandparents, parents, etc. to write their own stories. Fill this book with experiences, advice, and special memories to pass down to future generations.

4. Lemon Tree

This is my personal favorite gift on the list and a top seller from last year! It is climate-resilient and ships anywhere except Arizona. This arrives as a 3-4 foot tree and will be ready to provide avocados fast!

Don’t like lemons? Other fun tree gifts (double check the shipping areas):




5. Handprint/Footprint Kit

This handprint/footprint kit includes 2 sets of wooden frames, 6 colors of 100% baby-safe paint, paintbrushes, cleaning brushes and wish cards).

6. Digital Photo Frame

Matt’s parent get so excited anytime we upload a new image to their digital frame! This smart frame is so easy to use. Send photos via an app, view existing photos without WiFi connection, and invite as many friends and family to send photos! Frame is available in 6 colors.

7. Handwritten Cutting Board

An engraved family heirloom gift — perfect for saving that special handwritten recipe.

8. Solar Garden Balls

Solar powered, waterproof LED cracked glass globe lights. A fun decorative outdoor light for the patio, lawn, or garden! Available in 3 color options.

9. Dog DNA Test

Screen for 365+ breeds, trace their ancestry, and test for medication sensitivities! One of the most accurate breed detection kits with almost 20K ratings!

10. Gray Malin Puzzle

A gorgeous 500-piece double-sided puzzle.

11. Shibumi Beach Shade

A great group gift! Give the gift of an easy beach setup. We are absolutely OBSESSED with our shibumi and are constantly lending it out to friends and neighbors headed to the beach. It is a breeze to set up, is lightweight to carry, breaks down into a tiny bag (takes up barely any room in the car), and works better than any umbrella or tent. Trust me, this gift will be a hit.

12. Personalized Baking Dish

Personalize a hand-glazed dish with any text! Does grandma make a special dip every Christmas? This would be the perfect dish to serve it in!

13. Brain Games

A book with 399 games, puzzle and trivia challenges that target six key cognitive functions:
1. Long-Term Memory. 2. Working Memory. 3. Executive Functioning. 4. Attention to Detail. 5. Multitasking. 6. Processing Speed.

14. Bee Hive Hotel

A bee house for attracting and protecting peaceful mason bees, butterflies, and ladybugs!

15. Collapsible Hiking Poles

Ultra strong trekking, walking and hiking poles to help protect knees, joints, and hips. These collapsible poles are lightweight, quick locking and ultra durable. Available in 11 colors.

16. Wind Chimes

We got these wind chimes for my mom a few years ago and she LOVES them! Available in 3 size options and 6 styles

Need more ideas? I am really proud of last year’s guide too and have updated it!

The top 5 best-sellers from this guide:
  1. Long Distance Frame
  2. Meyer Lemon Tree
  3. Cozy Earth Sheet Set
  4. Custom Pet Portrait
  5. Colorful Bird Cottage
Gift Ideas for Grandparents Who Have Everything

1. Split Weight Blanket

This customizable weighted blanket is perfect for couples who prefer a different amount of weight and pressure on their side of the blanket.

Available in 10 colors and various weight options.

2. Family Trivia Game

A hilarious family game from the creators of What Do You Meme?

This game is designed for Boomers, Gen X, Millenials & Gen Z to play together! Holiday gatherings and summer family vacations just got a lot more fun!

3. Long Distance Frame

A beautiful photo frame that features a translucent glass that lights up and changes color when you touch it to let the other person know you are thinking of them!

Each person pairs their frame to Wi-Fi, then touches it to send a little “thinking of you” to the other person — anywhere in the world! You can add additional frames to a “group” and assign each person their own color of lights. The frame can also be hung on a wall, horizontally or vertically.

4. Avocado Tree

This is my personal favorite gift on the list! We have a lemon tree and LOVE it, but you can’t grow them in some climates. So instead, I decided to feature an AVOCADO TREE in this guide! It is climate-resilient and ships anywhere except Arizona. This arrives as a 3-4 foot tree and will be ready to provide avocados fast!

Don’t like avocados? Other fun tree gifts (double check the shipping areas):





5. Custom Gallery Mug

Design a mug with photos of your little ones or images of their artwork!

Mug available in 2 sizes (11 oz & 15 oz) and 8 colors.

6. Custom Calendar

This is what my mom asks for year after year! I personalize her calendar with all of our important family dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and fill the pates with photos of her grandbabies.

So many customization options. Available in several sizes, formats, designs, etc.

7. Cozy Earth Sheet Set

These luxurious sheets are a bit pricey but absolutely worth it (they are the very best sheets ever — and Oprah agrees) and are a PERFECT group Christmas gift from siblings to parents or in-laws! Available in 7 colors.

Use code CAROLINACHARM40 at checkout for 40% off.

8. Colorful Bird Cottage

How cute is this birdhouse with bird feeder?! Attracts hummingbirds, cardinals, bluebirds and more.

9. Custom Pet Portrait

Simply upload your favorite photo and receive a custom watercolor-inspired print to comemorate your pet. Lots of frame options.

Note: You’ll receive a proof to approve to ensure you’re satisfied with the finished piece.

10. Butcher Box

SO many fun gift box options — Taco Party, Game Day, Steak Lovers, and so many more! These boxes are packed with high-quality, humanely raised meat — 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, pork raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood. Oh, and it’s delivered right to your doorstep for free!

No subscription required on the gift boxes!

11. Adjustable Head Pillows

The pillow arrives overstuffed with a magic blend of latex-free, loose-fill memory foam and down alternative. You then adjust your pillow by removing the filling to fit your individual comfort and support level.

12. Custom Family Cookbook

A thoughtful gift to catalog and preserve family recipes. This cookbook-style features a variety of layouts that make it easy to copy and paste recipes and show off mouthwatering photos of your favorite dishes.

I made one of these for my mom many years ago and it’s still one of her favorite gifts.

TIP: once you create one, you can print additional copies for other family members!

13. Towel Warmer

Who doesn’t love a nice warm towel when they step out of the shower?! This warmer can also be used for robes, throw blankets, pajamas, and more! Features a built-in timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes before shut-off.

14. Custom House Letterpress Portrait Art 

Commemorate a special building or home with a custom portrait. Simply upload your photo and you’ll receive a drawing for review/approval.

Tons of framing options and color themes!

15. Vinyl Record Player

Play your old favorite records with this turntable. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and you can also sync your phone to it to stream music when not playing a record.

Available in 3 colors.

16. Indoor Herb Garden

Grow up to 6 plants at the same time (and 5x faster than soil) with this indoor garden! Includes a gourmet herb seed kit with Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil, and Mint.

Available in 4 colors.

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