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February Amazon Finds

I’ve been digesting all of the feedback from y’all on my recent reader survey and there were a LOT of requests for more Amazon finds — fashion, products, etc. However, a few of you commented that my fashion finds were irrelevant to you because we are not the same size, which makes total sense! So in an effort to make my content more relevant to the larger audience, I am going to shift my “Amazon Fashion Finds” to “Amazon Finds” and incorporate fashion as one category within the monthly round-up. Sound good?! Let’s dig in…


Lemi Shine Appliance Cleaner

I am the WORST at remembering to clean our appliances — coffee maker, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. However, on a whim I grabbed a pack of Lemi Shine dishwasher cleaner from the grocery store and used it over the weekend. I seriously cannot get over how amazing this cleaner worked. I posted it on Stories and so many of you recommended the washing machine and garbage disposal cleaner too!! I think I paid $4 for one packet of dishwasher cleaner from the grocery store but Amazon sells them much cheaper — and there’s a multi-purpose version that you can use in a variety of appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, disposers and more)!

Book Recommendation

We started a new book in Community Group and it is SO good that I couldn’t wait until we finished it to share! We’re reading Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and so far everyone has absolutely loved it. In fact, some girls have even read much further ahead because they cannot put it down! Here’s a summary from Amazon:

God gave us emotions to experience life, not destroy it! Lysa TerKeurst admits that she, like most women, has had experiences where others bump into her happy and she comes emotionally unglued. We stuff, we explode, or we react somewhere in between. What do we do with these raw emotions? Is it really possible to make emotions work for us instead of against us? Yes, and in her usual inspiring and practical way, Lysa will show you how. Filled with gut-honest personal examples and biblical teaching, Unglued will equip you to: Know with confidence how to resolve conflict in your important relationships. Find peace in your most difficult relationships as you learn to be honest but kind when offended. Identify what type of reactor you are and how to significantly improve your communication. Respond with no regrets by managing your tendencies to stuff, explode, or react somewhere in between. Gain a deep sense of calm by responding to situations out of your control without acting out of control.

Butter Gloss

I just started using this Butter Gloss (in color Angel Cake) and the color is gorgeous! I also like that it’s not too thick or gummy (I don’t know if that’s the word I’m looking for). It also smells like cake!

Eye Lash Serums

After using 3 tubes of RevitaLash I can honestly say that this is some of the best eye lash serum I’ve ever used. I was recently convinced to try GrandeLash and have liked it and seen results but I think I may go back to RevitaLash when I run out. 

Other New Products

A few new items I picked up to try out that I’m really excited about…

  • My sister has been trying to convince me to buy these Power Glow Peels for over a year now and I finally ordered them. They haven’t arrived yet but I will definitely review them soon!
  • I’m on week 3 of this eye cream and really like it!!!!
  • My friend and beauty guru, LRT, recommended these beauty blenders and they really are amazing and SO cheap!!
  • While visiting my firm’s Philadelphia office I discovered the most amazing pens ever and just ordered a ton. I love how they don’t bleed through paper or my planner pages!

Restocked Products

A few of our tried and true favorites that we replenished this month…


Mock Neck Pullover Top

This mock neck pullover top is SO versatile. I like to wear it with jeans or tucked into a skirt for work. The ribbed material is lightweight (but not too thin) and is super comfortable! It comes in a ton of colors too. I’m wearing an XS in turquoise.


I am pretty picky about my gym clothes and always gravitate to the same two outfits whenever they are clean. So today I thought I’d share my absolute favorite gym items (and two favorite outfits) in case you’re picky too…

  • Leggings: This is my favorite pair of leggings for over a year now (in deep green camo print). These 7/8 leggings are so perfectly stretchy, a great price…and have pockets! If these are clean, they are the first pair I grab in my drawer every time. This is my second favorite pair of leggings (pictured below in latte leopard print — but they are constantly sold out). The quality of the Core10 Brand is seriously SO good though and they feel like an expensive pair of athletic leggings…but affordable.
  • Tops: For awhile I really wanted to wear cute knotted shirts but they were uncomfortable for the type of workouts I do so I mostly stick to non-frill tops. This is my favorite moisture-wicking mesh compression top. It’s another Core10 item and the quality is excellent. It’s also suuuuuuper cute (even cuter in person actually). When that top is dirty, I usually grab one of these dry fit tank tops next. They are a lot thinner but are comfortable and you can’t beat the price on a 3-pack!
  • Shorts: I almost didn’t include these again because I’ve blogged about them SO MANY TIMES but seriously, these lululemon Running Shorts dupe are just so incredible. I was SO excited to discover this recommendation in a local mom group. These shorts are pretty much identical to the lululemon running shorts (but for half the price)!
  • Sports Bras: These sports bras are the only ones I’ve been wearing since December. They offer high impact support, are excellent quality and the price is crazy low. I usually pay 3x more for one bra.
  • Headbands: I cannot stand it when my headbands slip around my head while I’m working out. These elastic bands have a non-slip grip liner that keeps them in place!
  • No-Show Socks: Matt and I are constantly stealing these no-show socks from each other. We can never have enough pairs of these!
  • Shoes: You know my obsession for these shoes run deep and I’ve blogged about them 7x in the past year. So I’ll just say — if you haven’t already scooped them up, you definitely need to. (Better color & size options from Nordstrom)

leggings / top / shoes / sports bras leggings / top / shoes / sports bras

Long Pleated Fit & Flare Dress + Booties

I am loving this new dress. The quality is terrific and it comes in a rainbow of colors. Also, THESE BOOTIES are amazing. I have them in both colors (taupe and black) because when I fall in love with something I tend to buy it in every color and wear it nonstop. Both items run true to size.

Favorite Sweaters

I’ve narrowed down all of my winter Amazon sweaters to my top two favorites. I’ve been wearing both of these non-stop. They are absolutely amazing and both are backordered often so I highly recommend scooping them up! The first one is featured in my Valentine Gift Guide and the second sweater is the softest sweater you will ever own. It feels like you’re wearing a luxury blanket.

sweater (size small) / earrings / jeans (wearing size 2 short) / booties

Here’s how I wore the same sweater to work recently…(paired with my favorite work pants)!

sweater (size small) / leggings (XS petite) / earrings / booties

Other Fashion Finds

  • Matt really likes this new pair of swim trunks and is going to grab them in another color.
  • This blouse is on the way — it’s SO pretty and comes in a lot of colors.
  • I am impatiently waiting for these four clover stud earrings to arrive!!

— KIDS —

Our favorite family game right now is Yeti in My Spaghetti. This is also the game we love to gift for birthday party presents.

A few items we scooped up for the kids for Valentine’s Day…Caroline’s Rain Boots / Thomas’s Rain Boots / Junie B Jones Series / Don’t Push the ButtonThe Book with No Pictures / The Legend of Putter Frog

Other Kid Finds

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Thursday 27th of February 2020

Oh! One of those Amazon shirts is SheIn brand. Those are so much cheaper via the SheIn site. This one, for instance, is $22 on Amazon but $9 on SheIn. Even with shipping, it'd still be cheaper and often times you can find a free shipping code ;) Ijust ordered a swimsuit from SheIn and it's so pretty! Can't beat it for $15!

Crystal Workman

Thursday 27th of February 2020

Great list! I have a ton of tabs open to look through! I would love to see what you S&S via a blog post or story. I'm always wondering what I forget(and my S&S is big!)


Tuesday 25th of February 2020

I request that you remove the cap gun from your list. Your black readers live in a world where they can’t hand their child a play gun, particularly with the police brutality and murder of innocent blacks within their communities.

Paige Cassandra Flamm

Monday 24th of February 2020

I need to try those running shorts!



Monday 24th of February 2020

Have you ever tried Mario Badescu Lip Balm? It's seriously amazing! My sister told me about it and it's all I've used since, I love it! I love that it doesn't burn when you put it on like some and it really seems to last. My lips have never been better. Just wanted to pass along in case you've never tried it.